It was September. For two individuals, it did not seem like a September to remember. They did not see the warmth of the summer in symphony with the cheer of autumn. That September was soaring temperatures, subdued work environs and silence permeating between those two strangers. She looked at him and wondered that why the otherwise animated soul was so unusually dull spirited in her presence. He looked at her surrounded with a fortress that he believed he did not have the force to trespass.


Then there was a day when her sail had hit turbulent waters and she sought his assistance. She wanted to see if she was thinking on the correct lines. For an hour he walked and reflected over the lines with her and even seemed amused at her silly remarks. Over the course of the day, he stole a few intent glaces at her and initiated many a small talks. They talked and laughed and talked again. That is when it struck them that this may not be as strenuous a September that they had imagined it to be.

It was everyday that he would bring conversations to her table and candies and a lot of laughter. At times she would shoo him away but like a relentless force he would approach with newer vigor. She would poke fun at him and he would laugh at his own self. He would warn her, that he would outnumber her wits in a single attempt of retaliation.

He made her loosen the shackles that she had imposed on making conversations with people. He gently unraveled the many mysterious layers that defined her individuality. She would tell him that she is a difficult person to be with. He told her that you are what being different is. She would tell him that one day when you look at me, you will see nothing but monotony. He would silence her by saying that the deeper he explores the terrains of her personality, the more fascinating she emerges to be. And then she quietly wondered, that this is the sort of retaliation she would love to make hers for an eternity.

He pacified her when she would fidget. He helped her regain lucidity every time she stumbled a rock. He politely retreated when she would deny of his offers. He would gaze at her every time she turned her attention somewhere else. He would bring her Coca Cola every time she lost her composure. She mentally reasoned that Coca Cola might not open happiness but this guy surely does.


Then September made way for October and October advanced into November. What did not change, is the room, which to her seems more alien in the wake of his absence. What the changed time has brought for her is the fancy to have him here again and to relive not a specific single day but the entire September. Because it indeed was a September to remember.



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