Vantage Point


The day I left for college

There was nothing but melancholy abound

There was a silent yearning my father’s eyes

That called for me to retreat on my decision

There was a strange reflection on my mother’s face

That knew I will never be permanently home again

In the two cups of latte that my brother had brought for me

He wanted me to believe that I am loved and looked out for

And there was a knot in my heart and lump in my throat

As I sipped the sight in

Why did I want to severe from my roots, that you may ask

Because I sought liberty and pursuit of a promising future

Because I was running from hostile prejudices

Because I wanted to not be labelled as arrogant and cold anymore

Because I wanted to be anonymous and start afresh

In one corner of the house, there was another individual

Who was quietly sobbing as she stood edged against the wall

She was the domestic help who stated

That this home shall cease to be home in the wake of my absence

In that one sentence, she made me introspect

Was I really as crude as the world had made me believe I was

Had I chosen to perceive myself from a wrong vantage point

And was there any need at all to escape from who I was



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