The Squawk of Unopened Books

Daily Prompt: Procrastination.

What have you been putting off doing? Why?

Daily Prompt: Procrastination

 I open my cupboard and I intently look at my glossy new textbooks for this semester, all untouched, the pages yearning to be flipped for the past twenty days. Carefully I pull out an old notebook and close the cupboard. Back inside, my textbooks are voicing their discontent about my negligence towards them.

“Oh, there she goes again like every other day leaving us behind to rot on this shelf.”, said my E-Commerce textbook.

“At least you have been here for the past three days, we have been left to asphyxiate in here for around a fortnight.”, replied my Financial Management book.

“But, she has been busy, right. Going back home, unpacking, then shifting to another house and now the placement interviews, how do you expect her to find time for studying.”, reasoned my Management Accounting book.

“Easy for you to say, because she has shown the mercy of opening and reading you.”, said my Advanced Accounts book, burning green in envy.

“Don’t be childish, she opened me only because she hates the subject. She can’t make sense of one word during her lecture in college so she opened me one day, read a few pages and once she got bored with the theory she skipped fifty pages straight and started solving the practical questions.”, told the Management Accounting book in an attempt to pacify the others.

“But she never puts off studying like that. Every semester she sits down with her books and studies whatever little she can each day.”, wondered a confused Accounting for CA-CPT book, which has been with me for two years now.

“She is busy, can’t you see, dud head?”, replied my thin Auditing book, annoyed with the daily tittle tattle of the fellow books.

“If she is so busy, then how come she manages to blog everyday?”, asked my fat Auditing book.

“Even if she were not busy, she would have never mustered the courage to pull a theory book of your size. Her disinclination towards theory subjects is not unknown to any of us here.”, teased my Corporate Tax Planning book.

“But, she swore at the onset of this semester that she will study theory subjects as one chapter each day.”, said the fat Auditing book.

“She says that every semester but never lives up to it. Haven’t you realized, she is a number cruncher. Her interest in theoretical subjects ceased the day she passed the Social Science exam in tenth standard. Since then, she has never heeded to the cramming-up subjects.”, informed both my Mercantile Law book and Corporate Law book in unison. Both of these books have suffered hostility at my hands and in turn led to a steep fall in my percentages.

I open my cupboard again and as I run a casual glance on my books, it seems as if each one of them is screaming at me, “Take me”. Ignoring their hypothetical pleas, I run my fingers on the shelf looking for a pen and shut the door as soon as I grab one.

“What is she doing with a pen and notebook, if she hasn’t studied anything so far?”, questioned my Strategic Management book.

“Oh she needs to write ten words randomly for today’s prompt. I peeped on to her laptop screen while you guys were begging her to pick you.”, articulated my Accounts for CA-CPT book. “I am smart enough to know that she will study only when she wants to irrespective of anything else. No wonder I am her favorite book.”, the book went on, beaming with pride at its own prudence.

In my defense, I studied rigorously for a period of three months, suspending every activity of leisure. I was so exhausted at the end of my exams, that I could not bring myself to open a book for another two months. Reluctantly, the hiatus is still on.

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29 thoughts on “The Squawk of Unopened Books

      • Siddharth Muzumdar says:

        Yes exactly !!! But you’re like the nerdy Finance whiz kid while I am the wordy love-strung fool. Lol.
        I wrote a similar dialogue once about love. Do check it out if you feel like it…

      • Siddharth Muzumdar says:

        Lol. I think we’ve had quite a conversation here today through the comments. I guess we could each publish a blog post about the comments on our blog posts… 😀

      • Siddharth Muzumdar says:

        Haha I am quite inspired right now, given the dearth of posts on my blog… 😀
        I also might take this up as a post.
        Btw, my WordPress just crashed twice, considering the amount of activity that has suddenly befallen it after months !!! 😀

      • Palak says:

        This what you call, ‘dearth of posts’. Hop on to my blog and you will get a good idea on what a dearth of posts actually is 😛
        Lol I think WordPress is experiencing performance anxiety because of us 🙂

  1. Siddharth Muzumdar says:

    Haha, I have been quite an infrequent blogger for a while.

    Yes I think it is. Somehow it makes me feel so proud of myself. 😀

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