Of a desire colossal and small

What will you do if you ten years from now you had a pile of money sitting in your bank account? A figure in the multiples of ten millions.

That is what my mother asked me today. I am a money hoarder.My parents believe that money is always on my mind. They are curious. Curious of how will I use this money that I seek. Hence the question.

I was stumped. Because I have never paused and reflected upon that aspect. I told her that I would buy a house/flat and a car. A decent, moderately spacious dwelling but not an ostentatious one. Yes, I fancy Harvey Specter’s penthouse.

But I think that sort of a house is created to watch on television and eye it with greed.You can’t actually lead a life there There will be a car because you need one to move around the city. Something of the likes of Volkswagen Polo. Because I am not fussy about cars. I don’t know a thing about cars. I am an automobile illiterate.

From that point on I stopped. I could not come up with another thing. Maybe there will be a walk in shoe closet. Yes, I hoard shoes as well. But I couldn’t say that. I cannot serve her with a hand crafted excuse to tease me. I would take my parents on a vacation abroad. I think they will like that. On the premise of not wanting to ruin a surprise trip in their future, I kept that to myself. Since I have studied as much Economics to know that the value of money depreciates over time, I will have to invest some of it. But we are not going after any fancy money spinning avenues. Preferably a mutual fund or an equity linked saving scheme or government bonds. Let it multiply slowly and safely.

Whatever is left can sit in my bank account. More than anything, I will enjoy the sense of entitlement on that money. I would save it for one of those whimsical days. That day when I want to bulk buy books. That day when all I want are box sets of my favorite TV shows. That day when I want to pick a gift without looking at the budget. That day when I want to dine with my family in a swanky restaurant. That day when a person I know is dying and does not have the money for the treatment.

All of this sounds boring. But safe is boring. Risk has thrill. I can take a roller coaster if I am in the mood of risk. I can paraglide or float in the Arabian sea with a life jacket on or trek a mountain if I want to be reckless. Why do it with money?

There is nothing wrong with wanting to make money and not wanting the money to define your life. I want just that.

5 thoughts on “Of a desire colossal and small

  1. shreya says:

    I completely agree with u. There is nothing wrong in wanting to make money. I too want to make a lot of money and that is my passion as well. So it does not harm anyways.

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