Anniversary and Kashmir

At nineteen, a young Namrata had been fascinated in an otherwise insipid Torts lecture. Her professor was recounting her 21 day long honeymoon in Kashmir. From the twinkle in her eyes and the radiance that blurred the wrinkles on her face, she could sense that the charm her professor associated with Kashmir wasn’t merely a fallacy of words. From that moment on, she wanted to make that radiance her own, that sweet high in the voice her own, the tale of being hitched, being in love and being in Kashmir her own.

Twelve years on, Namrata is going to Kasmir to mark the occasion of her fifth wedding anniversary. But Namrata and Pranav’s marriage is in a state that does not even remotely justify being hitched, being in love and being in Kashmir. The dream was another world and the execution is another. Where once she imagined to lose herself in love, will she lose her love (or what she had formerly believed to be love)?

  1. Anniversary and Kashmir; maybe, maybe not
  2. Between boarding, books and bickering
  3. Contrast
  4. Daybreak and Doubts
  5. Envy
  6. Fault Lines
  7. Going Places
  8. How I met your mother
  9. Impulse
  10. Just in Time
  11. Karaoke and Kinesis
  12. Lessons

The image has been sourced from Flickr and has been modified to add the title.