Can you handle the truth?

Daily Prompt: P.C..

Is political correctness a useful concept, or does it stifle honest discussion? 


Daily Prompt: P.C.

Ana: Ashley got a 95 in the maths exam

Hannah: That’s impossible, she can’t understand that a 3/4 carried to the other side of an equation equals 4/3

Savannah: Guys, she must have had a different approach to the question


Bella: How can you read that author, she is such a sexist. In fact I believe she is a pervert.

Stella: I think she is witty. As long as she writes decent reads, who cares what kind of a person she is.

Gabriella: Can we go and have a quick bite before the next lecture? I think I am starving.


Son: I can’t eat Paranthas for breakfast everyday

Mom: What I know is, that no one in my house can have have eggs for breakfast everyday

Daughter: I am making Poha, is anyone interested?


Mom: Which party are you voting for in the elections?

Dad: Of course, Bhartiya Janta Party

Mom: My daughter is wise enough to endorse Congress

(Daughter making a choice between BJP the allegory of fundamentalist politics and Congress the home of dynastic succession and what shall I say,differently abled)

Daughter: I think my Voter Card is up for renewal


Polly: Tie a thread in XYZ mosque and your wish shall be granted

Molly: Oh please, the temple I visit every Tuesday, no prayer I have offered there has gone unanswered

Sally:  I think God is One

My verdict is that if political correctness helps evade silly arguments, then they are totally called for.

I am reminded of a quote from the movie, ‘A few good men’ and as far as my experience goes, it holds true, at least in my part of world.

Daily Prompt: P.C.


4 thoughts on “Can you handle the truth?

  1. lisahasopinions4u says:

    I have also noticed how much more P.C. society has become! I mean my God, a person can hardly say anything for fear of offending someone. I try to be tactful, polite and courteous when I’m speaking to a person, but um, if I have an opinion about something, I’m going to SAY it the way that I mean it; and, even after being careful about “how” I say something before I say it, if it offends someone, then oh well. I’m not going to spend the rest of my life walking on egg shells for fear of offending someone’s sensibilities and/or principles! Good blog. 😉

    • Palak says:

      True that. Besides, I believe that you cannot please everyone so there always will be one person who wouldn’t quite agree with your point of view but that is not a legitimate to reason to not have one.
      Thanks 🙂

  2. Pan says:

    Jack Nicholson’s character role in this movie where he mostly chews on his words and then suddenly goes on a spittle spewing offensive at the end is my all time favourite ! 🙂

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