I cried watching Kai Po Che, Twice! (Could have cried a third time, even)

Daily Prompt: Moved to Tears.

Describe the last time you were moved to tears by something beautiful.

Daily Prompt: Moved to Tears

As soon as I read today’s prompt, my mind took me back to the day when I cried while watching the movie Kai Po Che. Mind you, I have seen the movie twice in a theater and I have cried twice, a fact that surprises me because when you watch a movie for the second time you know every scene and every dialogue and hence it is improbable that something can stir you for the second time in a row.

Kai Po Che is a captivating movie which captures the essence of three landmark events at the turn of millennium in the background and in the foreplay features the transition of a friendship  in the face of these events. Before I watch a movie, I prefer doing a little research and reading a few reviews. Somehow before watching Kai Po Che I never felt the need to do so simply because I had zero expectations. The movie is an adaptation of Chetan Bhagat‘s novel, ‘The three mistakes of my life‘ which I haven’t read because from what I’ve heard it is Chetan Bhagat at his worst and after I read that lousy piece in the name of fiction called ‘Revolution 2020’ it quenched any thirst within me for anything else to the credit of Mr. Bhagat.

To my utter surprise, Kai Po Che, completely swayed me and it still is the best movie I have seen in this year. Maybe, because of its simplicity and the perfection with which the script was brought to life on the screen. It encompasses the tale of three best friends, Sushant Singh Rajput playing Ishaan the headstrong fellow who is madly obsessed with cricket but unfortunately his fit of aggression has often led him towards erroneous judgments, also ending a promising career in cricket; Amith Sadh playing Omi the gullible guy who values his friendship with Ishaan the most and Raj Kumar Yadav playing Govind whose life is driven by numbers, his eyes fixated on crisp currency.

The three of them begin an academy where Ishaan mentors the local kids in the nuances of cricket, Govind tutors the kids in mathematics and Omi oversees the sale of sports paraphernalia and the infrastructure needs. As the story progresses, Ishaan finds himself a protege in a Muslim kid, Govind the number cruncher chalks down the blueprint of their expansion and Omi’s circumstances drive him towards etching out a career in fundamentalist politics. Gradually, their individual agendas and choices pit them against each other, steering towards a juncture where the only proposition facing them is repentance.

The movie brings forth thought provoking questions, when you see your loved ones dead does it actually give you a licence to pull the trigger on whosoever you deem fit? Can a profit used for morality earn you contempt? Is religion such a mighty force in itself, that it forms the foundation of every outcome of your life?

If you haven’t watched this movie, please do because this movie spins gold out of the straw of the ordinary lives  of its real yet flawed characters. Unless of course you are fond of slapstick comedy, Kai Po Che embodies every emotion within it complemented by crisp narration and authentic adaptation of the events. Not to forget, Amit Trivedi’s music is a delight through and through. This movie is a true reflection of the thought that your actions have consequences, even that last call you made it can be an absolute cliff changer.


3 thoughts on “I cried watching Kai Po Che, Twice! (Could have cried a third time, even)

    • Palak says:

      Generally, I also prefer books over movies but this movie completely swayed me. So much, that I considered reading the book but then I have never had the time.

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