Daybreak and doubts

Namrata had 45 seconds to decipher the code and save the spaceship from exploding. If this spaceship does not reach earth, then our entire civilization would stand endangered. The timer was ticking fast and she had to work her neural muscles faster. However, when there were twenty seconds in hand, the spaceship was filled with a blinding noise of a beeper. How could this happen to her. She still had time, then why has the explosive alarm set off. She began to move her hands in every direction frantically to get hold of a device or a button or something that could put out the sound. She reached her phone and she tapped on it vehemently but the sound stood unabated. She made a few ruffled steps out of her bed to discover the origin of the sound and finally realized that it was the am/fm clock set out on far the end of her table that had triggered the abrupt culmination of her space warrior dream. Why, oh why would anyone bring her back to life when she was twenty seconds away from emerging as a hero. And who had set an alarm in the first place. Of course it wasn’t her because she was strictly against alarms and deadlines on vacations, which meant that it had to be Pranav. She wanted to burst out on him, which was a constant sentiment these days when she looked at him, only right now she had a stronger urge than usual. However, Pranav was nowhere to be seen.


On a 360 degree perusal of the room, she collected clues, 4 cigarette butts in the ashtray meant that he had been up for a long time, long enough to have read the newspaper from front to end in the balcony and to have made himself a cup of strong black coffee. The wet tiles in the washroom and the used towel reflected that he has already bathed. The boxers on the hanger meant that he has headed out of the hotel because Pranav on vacations preferred to be in boxers/shorts unless he was exposing himself to the general population at large. And since she could not smell his cologne in the room, she knew that he has left at least an hour ago because Pranav doused himself with copious amounts of cologne. As Namrata sat on the bed again, she came across a folded white paper placed under the remote on the bed which read as


I know you must already be cursing me for the alarm but I had no other choice. I would have set one on your phone but I did not know the unlock pattern. I was up since 4 and after having exhausted every measure of recreation within the room, I decided to step out and explore the place a little. Also, I was slightly (read very :P) hungry so I was as it is going to get ready for breakfast. I won’t go far and by the time you’ll be done with breakfast, I’ll be back and then we will jot out a plan for the day.


P. S. Please don’t decide to take a quick nap because it must be 10 by the time you read this and breakfast closes at 11. See you soon.

Namrata could not define the emotion she was feeling. It was disappointment mixed with deja vu mixed with exasperation. So, Pranav had decided to head out alone, on a vacation that they were taking together, on a vacation that he was taking primarily because he did not want Namrata to go alone. And he had come up with a perfect defense for the desertion, pin the blame on her, it was because she did not wake up on time, it was because she could not match his unearthly sleeping standards, it was because for her a holiday meant unhinged relaxation. She was thinking, “Why am I disappointed, this is not the first time that he is dong this to me, this is Pranav pulling a classic Pranav on me. He did this when the local bar had felicitated her for helping bring about landmark improvements in the canteen and compound of the Supreme Court chambers and he was nowhere to be seen. He did this when she was redoing the interiors of his parents’ home and wanted his assistance in buying the draperies but he had booked her a cab because the cab driver would be more informed on his parents taste. He did this when she was down with jaundice two years ago  and he had to inevitably fly out of Delhi for a meeting. He did this three years ago when her friend had called them for a Diwali party and he just was not in a mood to socialize. This was a pattern and she will not let him throw her off guard this time. If he can head out alone, so can she. She does not need his support, she does not depend on him, she knows how to manage on her own and she will do just that. She may not be as organised as he is, she may not come up with the perfect itineraries like him but she has a good instinct and sometimes that is all you need to for making a day worthwhile.”

With a renewed sense of purpose, she takes a hot shower, picks out a red crop top with three fourth sleeves and a light blue jeans and looking at herself in the mirror she thinks she looks attractive. She keeps a decent sum of money, her credit cards, her driving license, her power bank and her earphones in her bag and starts walking towards Latitude for the morning buffet. She is going to make this one helluva day. Once she reaches the restaurant, she announces her room number to the waiter standing at the door and he ticks it off the list in his hand. She settles on a table next to a window when a waiter approaches her with a bunch of her pink tulips and tells her smilingly, “Ma’am Pranav sir has left these for you”.


The note on the flowers read,

I saw these and felt that you’d like them. Here’s to the beginning of a delightful vacation ;).

P.S. Don’t read too much into the gesture!

Maybe , she thought to herself, she doubts his intentions very quickly.

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4 thoughts on “Daybreak and doubts

  1. oshinviprasagar says:

    Well written. 🙂 Brought back some of my own (much resented) memories, though with roles swapped here and there! And for some reason, I believe it’s got to be your own experience somewhere for the realness it reflects through the carefully put details (of space, articles, action and emotions) that a third person wouldn’t be able to just cook in their head.

    • Palak says:

      Believe it or not, so far it is only the third person behind the story, partially drawing from the stories that it has heard and witnessed.
      Thank you so much for reading 🙂

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