Teeth, Treatments and Takeaways

They say that you don’t have to brush all your teeth but only the ones you intend to keep. Though, I have tried to keep all of mine but my teeth commit a treachery every two years and land me at the mercy of a dental drill. However, what I’ve lost in tooth crowns or vital teeth, I’ve gained in invaluable knowledge to survive dental treatments. Since, internet has informed me that tooth decay is the second most common ailment after common cold, I decided that it is time for me to share my insights with the world.

  • Dentists always begin with a lecture on the indiscretions that you’ve pulled with your oral hygiene. The best response is to keep your head down and nod. Remember that in ten minutes, what your cheeky arguments can earn you when it is going to be this person, a couple of pointed instruments and your decayed teeth.
  • When a dentist examines a decayed tooth, he/she will poke a dental needle in pulp of the tooth. He will repeatedly ask you whether or not it hurts. Remember to not be pleased if it doesn’t hurt initially because the dentist doesn’t quit probing till he locates the most infected canal. And when he does, the sting that runs across the jaw is so daunting that you might have second thoughts about being in the dental chair.
  • If you’re young, never ask a dentist for an injection before he begins a root canal. Because like all elderly people, he will assume a moral high ground and make it his prerogative to teach you that nothing good in life comes easy. Instead wait till he begins with the dental drilling and then start complaining that you’re having trouble enduring the pain.
  • During the course of the treatment, the dentist will continuously praise your ability to keep that mouth open as if you’re a 5 year old. Be prepared to hear ‘very good’ or ‘you’re doing so well’ over and over again. The surprising thing is that in spite of all that intelligence fed in your brain, you fall for the appreciation and instinctively open your mouth a little wider.
  • Dental treatments have safe indications. At any point, if you experience a throbbing pain, you can  raise your hand to inform your dentist about the same. The catch is that they are pointless because dentists most often don’t stop. Rather they try to comfort you that all of this is going to be over in a short while.
  • Never be offended if the dentist refers to one of your tooth as grossly decayed. It is not a personal remark but a medical term used for a tooth of which nothing but the root is remaining or a tooth which can no longer be repaired.
  • If your dentist is witty like mine, he will ask you questions and answer them himself when his hands are working on your teeth. Because he knows that you are in no position to answer and that you would fancy answering otherwise.
  • Never look up for ‘how to’ guides on tooth extraction or root canal treatments. It paints quite a revolting picture in your head.
  • Always be willing to indulge in self deprecating humour. Like all other things in life, if you go on agonising over the pain and the intimidating instruments it becomes increasingly difficult to survive the treatment. The trick is to laugh it off.

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