Have you ever seen a character emerge on paper/screen in a way as if it were your own reflection panning out in front of you? If yes, then I have company because it happens to me almost always. Here is a list of some fictional characters I identify with.

  • I am Park from Elanor and Park. Because I too have sat in a bus with my headphones on and volume loud to mute the voices of those behind me.
  • I am Chandler Bing from Friends. I make jokes when I’m uncomfortable. Plus I am slightly commitment phobic.
  • I am Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory. Because when someone says ‘why’ around me even I can’t resist from delving into the history of the thing. Provided I already know about it.
  • I am Adrian Monk from Monk. On days even I obsessively worry whether or not have I turned the stove off or locked the door of my house or switched off an electrical appliance.
  • I am Tess from A Husband’s Secret. It exhausts me to simply look at extroverts brimming with energy at all times.
  • I am Izzie from Grey’s Anatomy. Remember when Denny’s ghost surfaces in front of Izzie, she knows something is wrong with her but chooses to be in denial because she is too scared to confront the problem. I can do that.
  • I am Kat Stratford from 10 things I hate about you. I believe that I am capable of living on my own without any male assistance. Like her, I will be suspicious if and when love comes my way.
  • I am Pakhi from Lootera. Someone who finds it impossible to recover from heart-break. Someone who believes in symbolism.

5 thoughts on “Characters

  1. babysteps22 says:

    Absolutely! I feel I identify most with Chandler Bing from friends. I always try to lighten the tension in a room by saying something totally inappropriate and will spend the rest of the time making funny explanations of that joke to try to undo the damage and instead make it worse. I really can’t help it sometimes.

    • Palak says:

      Haha! I read in an article that you always come across a Chandler Bing at your work or in your peer group. And if not, then you are the Chandler of your group.

    • Palak says:

      I missed out on Suits, my favorite show. Also, Game of Thrones, everyone else’s favorite show. There is also Modern Family, White Collar, Dexter, 8 Simple Rules, Make it or Break it, Sherlock among many others.

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