• How to make small talk with people?
  • How to hide it from your face that you are bored?
  • How does one discover their passion?
  • What do I do with my hands while addressing an audience?
  • I am still worried about giving a wrong answer. I thought school was over a long time ago.
  • How do people manage to smile so much?
  • When you start working out again after a month, the next day your muscles are as sore as they were the first time.
  • Somehow, I have managed to forget a lot of essential grammar lessons.

Author: Palak

A young woman who is busy carving a small niche for herself in this huge world. People intrigue me and had it not been for a career charted out in finance I could have made one helluva psychologist. I am fond of reading fiction and equally fond of holding on to a story for a while so as to analyze the way it shaped up. Television, movies and slow music are some of my other interests. I am an obsessive thinker and observer and being an absolute coffee addict and semi-somniac leaves me with ample of time to be one. This blog is an attempt to take note of some of the thoughts that cross my mind and a few of my experiences.

4 thoughts on “Presently”

      1. God, I wish I could be Donna. Her wits and her charm, that’s all you need in life. About Debra, I think she was a mess. The whole Debra loves Dexter plot line destroyed her character for me.

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