Ghosts of Fangs the Past

Once upon a time there lived a young girl Polly who had been invited to spend the summer of her fifteen with her cousin Sally. Amidst  the many adventures that marked their summer, Sally introduced Polly to the tale of Twilight. The world was abuzz about Twilight, reasonably so for it had reached its conclusion that very summer. However before Sally could take Polly deeper into the realms of the romantic saga between a coy human girl and a vegetarian vampire, it was time to bid Polly a farewell. The summer vacation had reached its climax.

The one thing that Polly abhorred was to be left with an unfinished story. After all she could not hang onto the picture of a vampire and a human kissing in a graveyard. Yes, somehow she always imagined that they lived in a graveyard. She had to find out if that bit of imagination was true and penetrate further into their worlds. But she was fifteen. There was no way that her parents were going to allow her to spend two thousand rupees on a novel. One day while completing her brother Peter’s internal assessment file, she came up with an idea. She decided to finish other children’s holiday homework in lieu of money. In addition she charged twenty rupees a page from Peter. Thus Polly bought herself the box set of the Twilight series. 

All she took was a week to read the series from cover to cover. From that point on, she was a devoted fan of the Twilight series. She was enticed by the  premise that a vampire was fighting against his very nature for his true love. This girl was the the most tempting human to have crossed him in the century of his existence and by all odds she was etched to be her soul mate. Oh the young are so naive about matters of the heart. Name one fifteen year old who wouldn’t love a man whose dark passenger was ripping him apart but all he wanted was to keep his love safe.

Since young, Polly enjoyed narrating stories to others. On a school trip, all her friends ran out of ideas for recreation one night. So Polly, envisioning herself as a noble torchbearer of the saga, recited the first instalment of the series to her friends. At times, she paused, trying to decipher the blank emotions that spread across their faces; she had doubts if they will come to enjoy it. But young as they were, like our dear Polly, they loved the story.

Polly was drawn so deep into the world of supernatural beings, that she became addicted to a television show called Vampire Diaries. All she desired in life was a lover with glinting sharp fangs and an opportunity to teach a lesson to people who mocked her obsession with vampires. Well only her brother Peter who had a habit of outsmarting her with his wits. 

Six years hence, Polly is smuggling her box set out of the house without catching Peter’s attention. She cannot afford to remind him of her vampire phase because today she fails to enlist a single reason to defend her foolish fetish.She walks by an intellectual reputation among her peers and she cannot let even one of them discover that she had fallen prey to the tentacles of such sloppy writing and unbelievable characters. Do not even delve into the powdered faces of the movie characters. How did she endure the torment of their laborious acting skills and walk off believing it was good?



Take one look at this man and imagine waking up to the horror that you once found him attractive.


Well the books are gone for good and Polly here has written this little post to unfurl the demons of her former fandom, hoping to put an end to the vampire chapter of her life. So have you ever been obsessed about something in your younger years that you are embarrassed to recount?



13 thoughts on “Ghosts of Fangs the Past

  1. Miss Maqsood says:

    Sorry my phone has a brain of its own.
    Continued: stupid. I remember screwing in my tests cz I was busy reading this series. Never liked edward though, was creepy, he irritated me like no one else. Esp in the last book. Oookay lets stop before it gets more embarrassing 😛
    But I read a quote somewhere and it went something like “never be ashamed of what you have read or loved reading”, so I am not really ashamed, it was a phase, had to pass, so it did. At the same time I wish wo time kuch aur padhleti 😛
    Vampire Diaries was fun but got too twisted n stupidly complicated to hold on.
    Khair, it was fun reading your post 🙂

    • Palak says:

      Oh you must have been in Team Jacob; people did that then, pick your side Team Edward or Team Jacob. More than the book, I found the fourth movie very creepy. However I agree with you, it was just a passing phase and it’s gone for good.
      Thank you so much for reading 🙂

      • Miss Maqsood says:

        Yeah Team Jacob 😛
        I actually didnt watch the last movie, was growing out of that phase when it released. And at that Harry Potter had also released, I guess, so was busy crying over the end of HP ERA 😛
        You’re welcome 🙂

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