Where did you go Ms Blogger?

A while ago I had read an article on blogging which said that one should never take a long unannounced hiatus from blogging. However if you do then you should never indulge in the act of explaining your hiatus once you are back. Well I am just about to do that. If you have been around you would know that I haven’t been around much. It is not a writer’s block nor have I been too busy. As it turns out I have been very distracted.

For six months now I have been wanting to switch my phone. The first lesson in Economics enunciates that a want does not translate into demand unless it Is backed with purchasing power. While I was trying to get hold of the purchasing power I did nothing but obsess myself with phones. The phone that I am using right now is nothing short of a disappointment because it landed in my pocket solely on the grounds that it fit my budget. I do not recall referring to the specifications or the reviews and the lags that I have suffered while using this phone have been a nagging reminder of my foolishness. So a midst the erstwhile research, I developed a sweet tooth for technology. The mobile industry is very interesting, not only on the technology front but the business dynamics as well. Last month I was doing a couple of strategic management theories and for every theory I had an example pertaining to phones. So you see, information brings out the inner geek in me.

Turning my attention from Android was my mother’s illness two months back. After she returned from the hospital, I came up with a rule, that everyone is going to make their chapatis/paranthas (flat breads) themselves so that my mother has to visit the kitchen only once in the morning to cook the sabzi. The humble chapatis that you and I eat everyday without a second of consideration are such monsters to produce. I struggled for a fortnight to make two edible chapatis consecutively. On one day it took me an hour after I had made the first chapati to come up with a second one and the complexity of producing those nasty little things had begun to overpower my appetite for them. My other ventures in the kitchen have been no less than a source of hilarity (read dry pancakes, overcooked chickpeas, raw pasta) forcing me to conclude that kitchen and I are not going to sustain an amicable relationship over time.

Though cooking food has been a jittery journey, watching food hasn’t been. If you have read this blog, you would know that I love television. Good television makes me so happy, you cannot replicate that happiness for me (okay let’s exclude coffee over here). Of late I could not zero in on a television series to follow which led me to revisit some of the shows that I have already watched. These days television shows are so focused on extorting revenge from people; it is incredibly frustrating to witness characters touching lower lows to cater their individual interests. Withdrawn from animosity, spite and profanity is Masterchef Australia which is a culinary competition only mildly competitive. The contestants encourage and support each other even in elimination challenges,  the professional chefs do not hesitate to help amateur chefs even when they are pitted against each other and the contestants prepare six course meals to welcome the wild card entrants. There is still goodness on television, yes there are cliques, yes there have been instances of hostility but on the whole it is a delightful show. Though the contestant whom I was supporting, Tash Shan has been eliminated last week (as per Indian telecast) but I am still hanging around at least for tonight because Vikas Khanna is coming to the Masterchef Kitchen.

So my life lately has been oscillating between technology, television and food. The blog however has suffered a lot of neglect in this while but starting from today this is going to change.

On a final note if you need any help regarding phones, drop a comment. And if you are interested in food/cooking please have a look at Tash’s blog– it is beautiful.



7 thoughts on “Where did you go Ms Blogger?

  1. Praveen says:

    Good Day to start back on it. I also started today ;). Good Luck…
    The things which were taking my time were geeky to the core– coding,graphics & books. :P.

    • Palak says:

      If coding on a software called Visual Basic counts, I have been coding as well 😉 All the best to you too and thanks for dropping by 🙂

    • Palak says:

      Haha you chose the wrong phone. I am biased about Moto X because I am buying that phone 😉
      You get unadulterated android experience at less than what the Nexus phones are offered at. Plus Motorola phones are quite sturdy; in fact Motorola was one of the first companies to come up with dust resistant and water resistant phones. The specifications do not sound impressive but the users have witnessed a smooth lag free performance. What I like is, where most phones are focused on raising the specs with a successor, Motorola has actually tried to up the game by coming up with innovative features like Touchless control and Active Display.
      There is however a little suspense if the Android updates are going to be rolled out as promptly as earlier because Google has sold Motorola to Lenovo.
      If you want to buy this phone, you should do it right now because Flipkart is offering an exchange offer of 4000 right now. This is the second time that such an offer has been introduced, the previous one being launched around Mother’s Day which lasted only a day.

    • Palak says:

      Two days after I wrote this post, my parents bought me a Moto X.
      I like Economics but I am more of an Accounts person. I would love to talk to you though 🙂

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