Objectionable Televised Femininity


Have you seen a small ticker running on a general entertainment channel which says that if one finds anything objectionable in the content being telecasted they are free to complaint to the Broadcast Content Complaints Council India? When I watch Indian television shows it makes my mind wonder if anything that is being aired is unobjectionable at all. There are hundreds of women clad in six yards of sari who let themselves be dominated by men, who try to hold on to dysfunctional marriages and make them work (read non consensual marriages between 18 year old girl and 50 year old man), who go to extreme lengths to prove conjugal piety to men who will take the next given opportunity to slap insults at them.

Here are seven women characters who should be taken off from television and the people who have created them or enacted them should nothing but be ashamed.

Bhabho- Diya aur Baati Hum

The mother in law who makes the sexual life of her son and daughter in law a dinner table conversation and asks the daughter in law to leave he house for not being of service to her son.

Simmi- Yeh hai Mohabbatein

The wife who shields a husband known to have sexually harassed a number of women. The sister who helps her brother flee the town when it is revealed that he made a MMS of a girl he loved and who turned down his proposal. The brother who attempted to kill his sister in law’s mother when she comes to know of his fault.


The grandmother who schemes to coerce her granddaughter into marriage because she believes that the actualization goal of a woman is to get married and have kids.


Pavitra Rishta

The mother in law/mother who reprimands the daughter in law/daughter for using contraceptives.

Urmi- Doli Armanon Ki

The girl who dreams of nothing but getting married at 19. Education and career is passe, lets get married and make some love.



The wife who lets her husband treat her as a doormat. The one who never asserts her opinion or allows her will to supersede that of her husband. The one who patiently endures his physical and verbal abuse. Kudos to you for making your marriage work with a sociopath!

The mother who shamelessly switches her newly born daughter with a newly born boy in a hospital so as to uphold her honor in her husband’s house.

9 thoughts on “Objectionable Televised Femininity

  1. Pratik Akkawar says:

    Good picks I would say though I’m familiar to only one of them. This is the sad truth of Indian daily soaps, they do not contribute any positive in terms of human relations. I used to watch them before but later I quit on most of them for the same reasons. All of them deserve to be criticize for what they have turned an Indian Woman into. You will surely hate all women if you belongs to Indian daily soaps audience.

    • Palak says:

      See that is what I am talking about, Indian television shows are implicitly promoting misogyny by presenting to us these hollow female characters. They are distasteful on so many levels. Thanks for the read 🙂

  2. mahabore says:

    That truly is some food for thought in this post. If these are the stereotypes that a leading television channel promotes, then no wonder that women in our country don’t think twice about actually living up to these stereotypical images.

      • Siddharth Muzumdar says:

        Wow this is shocking. I thought our TV was still in the 70s era, talking about “sanskaar” and how they are a must-have in any girl (not so much for a boy)
        Anyway, yes it is indeed shameful that such series are still telecast on TV while they cover such topics so insensitively and ruthlessly.

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