21 Things I Irrationally Hate

  1. I hate it when people judge my silence as arrogance. I don’t talk because I don’t know how to initiate or sustain conversations.
  2. I hate how much people fuss about birthdays and I begin to hate my own self alike when I do the same.
  3. I hate people who think that their troubles in life are the biggest, incomparable to anybody’s plight. Everybody faces problems, you are not the only one being traumatized.
  4. I hate slow people/things/gadgets/internet. People who walk slowly, people who do one thing at a time and even then take ages to finish, people who understand things slowly, people who decide slowly, network that does not connect, pages that don’t load, gadgets that keep on hanging- all of them simply exhaust my patience.
  5. I hate failures- the blow, the fall and the redemption alike.  More on that!
  6. I hate Fountainhead. I find it highly overrated. An extremely scandalous world with conniving characters and a romance that initiates with rape; no I certainly don’t get this book nor do I have an intention to.
  7. I hate horny uncles, the ones that stare you from head to toe with an unfailing lecherous gaze. The same uncles will then go and preach their wives and daughters to comply with the societal norms of being a well mannered woman.
  8. I hate youngsters who are obsessed with drinking. First they drink, then morbidly talk about it, then look forward to the next occasion to drink. Maybe I sound old but I don’t understand what is the big deal about intoxicating yourself.
  9. I hate the word chick. I hate those people even more who tell me that chick was derived from chic or vice versa.
  10. I hate the way the faculty in my college has abused teaching through PowerPoint presentations. Staring at a black letters on white background is the same as reading a white board. There is no virtual enhancement or visual appeal or any appeal to it for that matter. It is pure torture.
  11. I hate messed up rooms. Sometimes people tell me that they involuntarily spread clutter around them. But how does one breathe in such a place or live or think straight?
  12. I hate being in the middle of two people. I hate reconciling between their opposite choices, perceptions, tastes and moods. However ironically this is destiny’s favorite position for me. I always land up between such people.
  13. I hate teachers who join the profession because they could not find themselves another job or because of the money or the job stability. They might know the subject but make for horrible teachers or worse they might simply be  intellectually bankrupt. You are ruining lives. You are creating replicas of your own self who might find their career graphs jeopardized right at the inception.
  14. I hate kids. I do not have a single shred of maternal emotions within me. I don’t find them cute or sweet or awww inducing. The crying, the wailing, the running around in circles, the ceaseless jumping, the talking to much- simply gets to my nerves.
  15. I hate nutritious things. I was mechanized to take aversion to nutritious food. I do not like any green vegetable, a majority of pulses, cottage cheese, curd, beans, broccoli and other assorted healthy foods. 
  16. I hate people who take a liking towards a certain television show solely on the basis of popularity. They have no understanding of neither the story nor the characters. They have never been anxious/excited/worried about any episode in the series. Yet they claim that they are obsessed with the show.
  17. I hate people who do not realize the worth of the people or things in their life until they start slipping away.
  18. I hate Management Accounting as a subject. The need for its existence at least in my curriculum is a fact that I found hard to digest. In a typical question you add and then subtract until you arrive at a numeric figure called Contribution that will solve all of manager’s dilemma. Pointless if you ask me.
  19. I hate bad movies devoid of any plot or any logic. I hate slapstick comedies with moronic jokes.
  20. I hate the over dramatization on Indian Television and the highly regressive story lines. I hate how they create maneuvers of strength in the name of strong female characters. I hate how these women go to extreme lengths to protect anybody and everybody, how they pardon any folly be it infidelity, character defamation or an attempt to murder.
  21. I hate the phrase, “Its okay not to practice what you preach” both in print and in action. I dislike hypocrites and if you spend a lifetime being a pomp about virtues in front of the world then you might as well oblige to it.

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