This is how I keep it crisp

This was a piece I penned down for last week’s Weekly Writing Challenge, my attempt at a short Lunch Poem which did not go quite well and I forgot to publish it in time.

I would prefer being in bed right now than attend this mechanical class. Miss Optimist says, “Me too”. I was learning to draw an apple it was so thrilling. It must have been the 50th time that I am using thrilling in a write up. Do you get my point now? I am actually running short of words. Had it been running short of time, the ones around me could have been crying. Ms. Optimist will now  try to pretend that the news of my sudden demise wouldn’t have saddened her. Sadness reminds me that it is in extremely sad day for Ms. Google Maps because she can’t eat potatoes and Ms. Optimist as well since she is giving up on chocolates. However, she couldn’t keep her resolve for the first fifteen minutes of the day. And this was suppose to be a five sentence long lunch poem which brings me to the conclusion that I can not keep it short! 

P.S. Miss Google Maps and Miss Optimist are my friends who are named after their prominent traits.


Author: Palak

A young woman who is busy carving a small niche for herself in this huge world. People intrigue me and had it not been for a career charted out in finance I could have made one helluva psychologist. I am fond of reading fiction and equally fond of holding on to a story for a while so as to analyze the way it shaped up. Television, movies and slow music are some of my other interests. I am an obsessive thinker and observer and being an absolute coffee addict and semi-somniac leaves me with ample of time to be one. This blog is an attempt to take note of some of the thoughts that cross my mind and a few of my experiences.

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