Irate Contemplations

Tuesday mornings are bad mornings, infuriating mornings, they simply are screwed up mornings. People are prejudiced against Mondays but I find Tuesday mornings agonizing. Last week, on one such agonizing Tuesday morning I started airing my vent on paper, a piece which was concluded by a friend who shared my sentiments.

What do you think can set you off the edge in the morning? A bad hair day, aftermath of a nightmare, a foul breakfast, a petty argument with your mother or as it is with me, the fact that I had to drag myself out of the bed to listen to a teacher rant about what is a rich colony and what is a poor colony. Can’t someone teach me something intelligent, something which is slightly complex than the meaning of globalization? Even if it is the same old, same old content,  can’t the teacher tweak the lectures a bit rather than (continued by the friend from this point on) displaying redundant words on a glowing screen which is doing no good but increasing the power of my already very thick spectacles.

This is how pretense is introduced in our lives. We can also term it as the process of inculcating malpractices in our work habits, but the deeper question is, are we still looking at something superficial or is there another party to the crime? I feel there is, namely, the University of Delhi. It is to be blamed for the formulation of an aimless syllabus and more importantly running a system that cannot survive with its current limitations.

Now if we are going to talk about limitations, it is very important to state them. To present it in a single word, I’d like to choose ‘intent’. Why intent? Intent is completely absent, the intent to efficiently work on the University’s part, intent of the teachers who designed the syllabus, intent of the students who seek nothing but attendance and paint a mere sham in the name of studying.

This notebook has helped me give vent to my fury but it has also made me introspect. Will I also do something similar, a year or two later? If I do, then have I submitted to this system? Have I let them corrupt me? Will life be any different, will I be any different than the ones I am criticizing right now? I am on a crossroad, adorned with enigmas, can I really resist succumbing to this slaughter in the name of education.


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