Sleeping Beauty Back To Sleep

Once upon a time a beautiful princess fell asleep for a hundred years on touching a spindle, pursuant to a wicked fairy’s curse. Her fairy godmother, who had blessed her with an enchantment that she shall be revived to life on arrival of her true love, put the entire castle to sleep and hid the castle behind a thickening trees. A hundred years later, a handsome young prince braved the dense forests to discover a beautiful castle. He then reached a room where a beautiful princess lay asleep on magnificent bed. Smitten by her immense beauty he walked towards her and then kneeling down he kissed the princess. As their lips touched, the princess was brought back to life from the clutches of slumber.

The princess opened her eyes to see a well built prince in front of her and then she shrieked in horror, “My true love can never be a man with a stubble, I hate that unclean stubble.” In the very same moment she collapsed back to sleep.

As this news reached  the reawakened King and Queen, they were grief stricken.  The prince burdened with guilt, cleaned off his stubble and kissed the princess again, however she never opened her eyes. The King forbade any individual in the kingdom to keep a stubble. Every girl was raised bearing in mind the horrifying tale of the somnolent stubble that failed a fairy’s magic and put the princess in such deep a sleep that she could never be rekindled again. Thus no woman ever fell in love with a man with an unclean stubble.

This post is a part of Protest Against Unclean Stubble in association with Blogadda.    

I am accepting Anita’s tag and writing this post in response to the same.

Protest Against Unclean Stubble Activity in association with BlogAdda.


Author: Palak

A young woman who is busy carving a small niche for herself in this huge world. People intrigue me and had it not been for a career charted out in finance I could have made one helluva psychologist. I am fond of reading fiction and equally fond of holding on to a story for a while so as to analyze the way it shaped up. Television, movies and slow music are some of my other interests. I am an obsessive thinker and observer and being an absolute coffee addict and semi-somniac leaves me with ample of time to be one. This blog is an attempt to take note of some of the thoughts that cross my mind and a few of my experiences.

4 thoughts on “Sleeping Beauty Back To Sleep”

  1. Palak, Love your Sleeping Beauty going off to sleep again, story.
    Imagine how disappointed she was that even the clean-shaven Hero could not wake her up & no Happy-End 🙂 Anyway, good lesson for all!
    Lovely that you responded to my Tag. Thanks a lot 🙂
    Please do Post it in the BlogAdda Contest Page too. Best wishes dear 🙂

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