Daily Prompt: Learning Style

Daily Prompt: Learning Style.

What’s your learning style? Do you prefer learning in a group and in an interactive setting? Or one-on-one? Do you retain information best through lectures, or visuals, or simply by reading books?

I am a solitary learner, I prefer learning things on my own. Two years ago, I got stuck with a problem in class and a friend wanted to help which I politely declined. Later she remarked, that I am one of those who like to rub off on others that they are too mighty to take help. Well, I don’t think I am mighty or smart either, in fact, after a year or so I have these long phases of self doubt but anyhow I like to fight my battles on my own. I require someone to give me a good fundamental base and I work my way ahead.

I still remember my first day to school, a teacher taught us alphabet and wanted us to reproduce the same as homework. I went back home, had lunch and finished my homework without even bothering my mother. I was fond of learning since I was a child and the thrill of it lied in the fact that I will I have to work through a problem myself not being led on to the solution. Solo processing is fed into my system. I sit in the class and simply listen to what is being taught. I go back home, switch on the television and study alongside; try to grasp what was taught to me earlier in the day. That’s it, I need my own working space and (preferably) television or music or a movie running in the background. I think the slight drop in my grades in college is because I do not have uninhibited access to television like earlier. I am a television addict, I can watch anything and I have never studied without television. Fortunately, my parents never minded because I might have given up on studying without television. I often jokingly remark that if one leaves me alone in a room and a television, I might even land a Doctorate.

I think my brain is not assembled to work in a crowd. Put me in a library and I will be so distracted, trying to observe my surroundings, fascinated at the smallest of things. That happens in the class as well, if I am bored I am always looking out of the window, or staring at a pretty handbag or analyzing someone’s expressions. If I solve the question early, I turn my attention to something else to keep my mind engaged. My friends recently suggested that we should study together ensuring that there shall be nothing but a lull surrounding us. I told them that I trust you guys but I don’t trust my own mouth, I will go on blabbering which will not only be detrimental to me but for them as well. I need my own peace to focus.


8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Learning Style

  1. sherinsk says:

    How about this.in our last computer engineering semester there was a subject which i got messed with the date and studied some other subject.so only 2 hour before exam i knew subject is something else.Any way i am not a studying type.Thought ye exam to gaya.Anyway just for fun i sat along with two other friends who were studying the subject.They were only studying important questions from each chapter and for me to listen they were yelling it out.so for 1 hour i just listened to them and 80% of the questions they told me came in my exams and i passed 😆

  2. Carolyne says:

    My daughter is also used to always having the television on. Now that she has her bachelors, she works (writing online) with videos playing. I never questioned her because I know I could never study in a library even though that was what I was repeatedly advised. Libraries always felt too quiet. I would feel uneasy and couldn’t concentrate. I think everybody has their own place they are most comfortable studying and it is best to do what works for you.

    • Palak says:

      Even I find libraries very uncomfortable. I am too conscious and restricted there. So I always find more livelier places to study. Anyway thanks so much for reading.

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