A dedication to the Silent Readers and the Misdirected Folks

All my life, I have been devotedly silent, seldom releasing the reins on the vocal chords. In the class, I can be a test to a teacher’s patience because I maintain an indifferent demeanor. Mostly I listen carefully, sometimes work through the problems and on a few occasions I open my mouth to give an answer. At a number of occasions I have read through blogs, been in and out of forums without leaving a trace except the one reflected in the number of visitors. Until now, I felt it was totally fine. But now that I am on the other side of the table, I am forced to wonder if it is actually acceptable.


Once in a while day, I stroll through this blog’s stats, and when I do, I always find myself in a helpless situation. Because what I have are hollow numbers, these many people from India, these many from U.S and so on, these were referred by a search engine, these many followed the link from Facebook, etc. But sadly, I have no mechanism to reconcile one stat with another to actually narrow down the person who has followed the link from Facebook. Sometimes, a person visits the blog, reads every single post or to the least half of them and goes away without a comment. And on days like today, when I have nothing better to do or choosing not to do anything better, I let the Sherlock within overpower me and end up being agonized to the credit of the silent readers. A month later, someone from the extended family or an acquaintance drops the news that they had once read my blog and loved it or agreed with my perspective. That appeases the agony  but wouldn’t it have been better to have known the identity of the person right when they landed on this part of the blogosphere.


There once was a time, when no one apart from me had the knowledge of the existence of this blog. The time when I began blogging, before I discovered the Daily Prompt and I wrote a small article on the television show Jodha Akbar, stating my discontent on the extent of creative liberty taken in the portrayal of the historical figures. That post included tags on the name of the characters/actors and in the intriguing fashion in which Google works, a lot of queries on Rajat Tokas (the guy who plays Akbar) direct people to my blog. I am in position to complain because all these queries have given me roughly a traffic of 300 visitors, at a time when I haven’t written much. I have no affection or inclination for Rajat Tokas and my concern is that people who do possess both these emotions for him in enormity are referred to my ‘hateful’ opinion. Often strange queries, like ‘Nimrat Kaur Hot Legs’ land people on Expressions because I wrote a review on her movie Lunchbox where there is not a single mention of legs whether hot or not. But that is how Google works and leaves me wondering if the Search Engine Optimization is any good. Because I do get traffic but mostly traffic whose queries remotely resemble the content on Expressions.

Do you have a solution to my problems or are annoyed by the same, feel free to drop a comment.

P.S. A heartfelt thanks to the silent readers and the misdirected crowd because it is for you, that I zeroed an idea for the new post and trust me the creative juices are not flowing in abundance these days.

4 thoughts on “A dedication to the Silent Readers and the Misdirected Folks

  1. mahabore says:

    This used to happen quite often with my old blog which I had titled Jamster’s Jams for some funny reason. Lots of people who used to search for the jamster ringtone were redirected to my blog and when I figured it out, then I changed the name of my blog to Jairam’s Jives. But then this was my old blog.

    As for figuring out who is actually visiting the blog and reading the posts, the only way you can know is if these readers actually put a comment on the post or at least hit the Like button. There is no other way to actually know, is there?

    As for the creative juices, do what I sometimes do. I just pick an idea from one of the recent blog posts that I have recently read, give it a twist of my own and churn out a post on my blog 😀

  2. MissFourEyes says:

    You’re right, it would be so great to know who the silent readers are. I’m really glad they’re there though. Unlike the spammers and the business blogs, they want absolutely nothing from you. They don’t just want to leave a comment in hopes that you’ll go to their blog and increase their stats. They just want to read your stuff because they like it. And that is what I love about them. 🙂
    As for the misdirected ones, they make me laugh. Right now my most popular search term is ‘dancer’s butt crack’ 😀

    • Palak says:

      The search engine terms do make for a good laugh, when I am in need of some. And I agree that the silent ones are not driven by the intent of publicity/promotion, they are simply here to read 🙂

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