Surviving The Eerie Night

As the clock struck eleven, I sunk into the warm embrace of my bed, shut my eyes to the complexities of this world, to loiter in to the more twisted world of my dreams. In a minute or so, I was in a state of deep sleep but sadly my brain failed to sustain the oblivion for more than an hour and thus, there I was, awake on my bed, anticipating the prospects of the long night ahead of me.

Insomnia or the layman’s lack of a good night’s sleep is not a new chapter in the story of my life, it shares a long bond with me and has served as a foe at times and at certain others has emerged as a true ally. Now yesterday was the fourth consecutive night when slumber successfully eluded me and with very little ideas in my brain, I decided to blog about my insomnia.

Insomnia can be of extreme annoyance, because what you have in your hands are long hours, hours that you had never foreseen coming and hours which can bear a negative influence on the efficiency of the following day. You can go crazy with abundant opportunities that unfold in front of you, your heart points to the folder called TV Shows on your laptop while your prudent brain cannot wait to shake the dust off your textbooks. And, yes the skewed sleeping patters can result in tumultuous dispositions the next day. There will be a day when in spite of the lack of sleep I wake up with Achillean sentiments, braced to conquer the world. While on some other days, even a 55 minute lecture seems like slow poison. Add to this a pensive brain. The incomprehensible dynamics of relationships , the bitter sweet ache that reminiscing induces  or contrasts between fiction and reality, all of these assume a distinct clarity in the hour of the wolf.

Here is an insight into the things I tend to do when I cannot sleep,

  1. ImageTake a wallpaper or picture from my favorite show and try to locate it in the episodes. The dialogue in the picture above is from Season 1 Episode 7 of Suits and the screen shot is something I haven’t been able to figure out yet.
  2. I study because I think my brain works at its maximum potential in the night. I take up subjects that I usually evade at other times, for one because they are easier for me to process and second the sheer monotony that looms around them can put me to sleep.
  3. Read a book. With nobody awake to disturb me I can easily escape into the world spun by the author. Last I did this was six months ago, when my friends gifted me a book on my birthday which was two weeks prior to the semester exams. On a sleepless night, I read the book entirely because the curiosity about the plot would have killed me.
  4.      2013-09-24 04.14.35      2013-09-24 04.13.19                        In school I did my Art Assignments in the night. Being the creatively challenged soul that I am, I needed long hours at a stretch to finish the smallest of things and the night seemed as a wonderful proposition.
  5. On some rare days, I look at old photographs. These are days when I am unhappy with the present state of affairs and thus I soak myself into the time which has evanesced.
  6. Sometimes the key lies in simply sitting and thinking. Thinking about the last movie I saw, thinking about my fate after college, thinking about the clothes I am going to wear the next day or thinking about the dream I saw, it is solely thinking that can assuage me.
  7. Finally, I blog. Had it not been for these extra hours, I wonder if I would have found time for writing at all.

4 thoughts on “Surviving The Eerie Night

  1. Praveen says:

    Lately, I have also been insomniac and it helped me finish some serious books. 🙂 Generally I go for 3,4,6 & 7 steps. And if I am feeling mischievous – I will call & disturb a friend. 😛 😛
    Btw, your sketches are nice.

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