Did you graduate from our college?

Daily Prompt: Ebb and Flow.

Our blogs morph over time, as interests shift and life happens. Write a post for your blog — but three years in the future.

Daily Prompt: Ebb and Flow

The day I graduated I had sworn to never set foot within the four walls of my college but sadly I could not live up to the resolution. Now that my parents have finally agreed to my idea of becoming a college lecturer and my college seems to be one of the most lucrative institutions to initiate a career in teaching, how exactly could I adhere to the words mumbled at a time when I did not even have a bleak idea about how my future will unfold.

Today was the momentous day when I had to appear for an interview by a panel formed by the Commerce Department Teachers. Given, the anonymous life that I had led in college, I knew that my interview would be no less than a comedic episode. Here, are some excerpts;

T1: Good Morning Palak! Please have a seat.

Me: Good Morning Ma’am

Flashing a fake smile, her fake accent ringing deep in my ears reminding me of the loathe I held for her and her pretense. Who develops an accent after spending her entire life in Delhi?

T2: Palak a strange thing that we have observed in your resume is that you have passed out from this college while none of us seem to remember you.

A lump formed in my throat and I think, of course when you choose to concern yourself with the outspoken ones, how will you take notice of me then?

Me: That is because I was very quiet, seldom would I speak if not for giving an answer in the Accounting classes.

T3: But it’s bizarre that we have no memory of you at all. I mean your marks are good, even then, we cannot recall who you are.

Oh you could not recall who I am, the next day after I gave an answer in your class, how do you expect your jittery grey cells to remember me after a period of three years.

Me: Like I said, I was rather reticent in college. I would sit down and concentrate in the class, never participate in a discussions over tests, mass bunks or attendance.

T4: Oh I think you must have rarely attended classes given our memory of you.

I wish I could have taken the liberty of doing that but sadly I had to put with the torture in the name of lectures, right from the day you said we frame journal entries out of ledger accounts to the day you called me Paalak (Spinach).

Me: Not at all, I never missed classes, unless very important. In fact I still remember the day when you lost your diamond bracelet and smiled over the incident saying that God gives and God takes!

T4: Oh, you do remember the day. What a vivid memory, just like a LSR girl.

One compliment and that to the credit of this college, could she be a little more obsessed with this college?

T5: Given how quiet you are, how do you think you will go about the job of teaching, since communication is the essence of the job.

Communication or not, at least I will not be as inhuman as you were. What Dolores Umbridge was to Hogwarts, so were you to the department.

Me: I can assure you, that not only do I hold a strong grasp on the concepts of the subject but I am equally proficient in transferring knowledge as well. I had taught Financial Management to a number of my peers who could not keep pace with your hasty teaching techniques.

T5 turns sour at the last three words I uttered, while the others suppress a grin.

T3: Tell us one day when you stood out in the class, maybe that will help jog our memories.

Me: If you might recall, I was called the ‘Credit Note Girl’.

T3: Ah! Indeed you were the strange girl who knew the meaning of Credit Note. Excellent command on the subject which often left me perplexed, forcing me to conclude that you might have been born with the subject in your head.

Gradually, their discussions and interrogations seem ceaseless, thus making the fake smile on my face fade and a coldness taking its place. Right then, they all scrutinize me momentarily and utter in unison, “Oh but you are none other than the odd girl who perpetually gave us cold looks. Never again, the department has seen such inimical expressions.”

Thus I landed the job, because my otherwise not so prudent teachers devised an ingenious plan to hire me and subject me to the same hostility as I had once extended towards them. Someone had rightly said, “Life comes a full circle.”.

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10 thoughts on “Did you graduate from our college?

  1. mahabore says:

    Wow, that was quite a post, and if this is what you truly want three years from now, all the very best for that 🙂 Not too many youngsters out there who want to become teachers nowadays and you my friend are like a breath of fresh air.

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