The Lunchbox- How an erroneous ride leads you to the correct destination

A well deserved 4.5/5

As Lunchbox unfolds on the silver screen the viewer is introduced to a wife who is trying her luck with the age-old maxim, ‘The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’. Adding that pinch of a new spice, she is cooking a delectable meal for her husband’s Dabba (lunchbox) hoping that maybe the food might draw his attention towards her. Meet Ila, the wife with countless words but sadly no ear pay heed to them except for her neighbor. Unfortunately, the Harvard accredited Dabba-walas commit a folly and deliver the Dabba to a widowed man who has devoted his entire life to the Claims Department of his office. Meet Mr Fernandes the man of few words and perhaps fewer emotions, at least that is what his image dictates. Come the evening and the husband again turns his back on Ila, making her realize that the Dabba reached the wrong hands. The next day, she prepares another meal for the Dabba but this time a letter accompanies the food and thus Ila initiates a series of exchange of letters. Gradually she finds an ally to share her dreams with and he redeems his words and heart back but what can be a befitting culmination to this beautiful affair?

To put it one word, Lunchbox is spellbinding. It aptly captures the essence of the secluded lives that we lead in the modern times, the cemented walls that we have built around ourselves have distanced one being from another. Imagine, letter, a primitive form of communication originates a captivating relation between two strangers, a relation  which is even deeper and meaningful than the one brought to life by marriage. Nimrat Kaur and Irfan Khan have both done an exceptional job in evoking life to the conventional individuals sustaining an unconventional relationship. The neighbor, a voice over (and from what I am guessing she is Mrs Waghle from the television show Waghle Ki Duniya) is an impressive presence. This movie spins gold out of the everyday lives of people exploring the potential of commonplace instances and locales; what makes it stand out is the sheer simplicity with which the story is depicted. Another noteworthy point is the humor and I am talking about the unadulterated neat humor which is a rare appearance in cinema these days.

Take it from someone who has watched 8/10 movies released this year, Lunchbox is an absolute delight and not something to miss out on. A soothing watch with a vivid impression.

3 thoughts on “The Lunchbox- How an erroneous ride leads you to the correct destination

  1. mahabore says:

    This probably is the 10th review of this movie that I have read which makes it a must watch for me. Loved the entire concept of two absolute strangers writing these letters to each other in an attempt to be heard, similar to what we bloggers also do, right 🙂

    • Palak says:

      I would in fact insist you to watch this one 🙂 And yes, it’s an interesting parallel that you have drawn. You know its an absolute delight to have someone to share your thoughts with and tragic as well when a complete stranger values your opinions more than the one you live with.

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