Makings of a Good Teacher

Who is a good teacher?

The kind who never takes a test.

Dare she take one, wouldn’t it be naive

For her to expect you to resist from cheating

The one to never turn you out

For the class is meant to be a pandemonium.

The one who pardons your lack of interest

Because she is being paid to speak

And not to make you listen.

Poke fun or point a finger,

Smiling is the sole proposition.

As a teacher is to be bereft of sentiments

To take offence at indiscretion;

While she is to be sensitive

To make up for your attendance.

Unbecoming for whom is to give a question

One of your own to solve,

Unless she desires to mock your incompetence.

A good teacher consumes herself

In the task of honing you;

To make you slog in the act of amelioration

Is nothing short of inhumanity.

FacingΒ a class nodding in agreement

The new teacher grins devilishly and utters

Then be pleased to know I possess

Not one fiber of a good teacher.


10 thoughts on “Makings of a Good Teacher

  1. mahabore says:

    Quite a nice poem, although at the end, I somehow got the feeling that this is a self deprecatory poem in nature, does it relate to your experiences as a teacher somehow?

  2. Palak says:

    No as a matter of fact I am still in college. This poem is based on my observations about how easily students judge their teachers, mostly for things that a teacher does for their best interest. Thanks for reading.

    • Palak says:

      I think maybe it came out a little strongly than I wanted it to be. But still I find the whole idea of judging someone who is trying to educate you a little disturbing.

      • Praveen says:

        No No how can that be disturbing. πŸ˜› You have to ask questions & judge him, or else how will a teacher improve.
        The point is – the students not having faith in their teacher. That’s disturbing. πŸ˜‰

      • Palak says:

        My point is when the teacher tries to test your knowledge or ask questions, she seems mean or intimidating to her students but then isn’t she is doing it for their own good. I am not saying that there is a teacher in front of you who does not even know one thing about the subject and you should end up liking her. Rather there is a teacher with an excellent command on the subject but the day she turns you out of the class, gives you a test or expresses her discontent about something, you start judging her actions.

      • Praveen says:

        πŸ˜€ lols, are, I totally agree with your point. It’s just I was not much reprimanded in school times. I get that you are talking about students biases, I was concerned about teachers’ biases. πŸ˜›
        It was nice to drop by πŸ™‚ Arigato

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