The Luxury of Choice.

Daily Prompt: What a Twist!

Tell us a story — fiction or non-fiction — with a twist we can’t see coming.


Dressed in a red lehenga, Naina is  sitting in her room;  her heart pounding. and her mind lost in the mirage of her future prospects. With every passing second, her restlessness achieves a higher level. Beads of sweat roll on her forehead while she impatiently awaits for someone to acquaint her with the state of affairs outside her room  . She gazes at her reflection in the mirror, the crimson of her cheeks and the dark kohl laden eyes have given a heavenly radiance to her face. She scrutinizes the jewelry, playfully runs a finger along the vibrant bangles and finally smiles at the vivacity of her own appearance. Naina, the spitting image of an Indian bride. Now she wonders if she ever had the luxury of choice, because in the world that she inhabits, the precipice at which she stands is deemed to be the natural course of action. She knows that this point onward, her life will undergo a complete transformation.  Aware that this day unfolds a new chapter in her life, that soon her life as she knows it, will shrink itself to an element of retrospect.

She turns around at the sound of the opening door and in front of her eyes is a man occupied with assessing her from head to toe. This man will play an instrumental role in her life, because he is going to initiate her traverse into womanhood. The grin on his face is that of a victor, because he has outbid every man outside this room and quoted the highest sum on her virginity. That, even though she has donned the appearance of a bride, but her future does not spell the sanctitude of marriage but the abominable world of prostitution. As the man walks in her direction, a sense of eeriness pipes in and she again wonders about the luxury of choice. But then, when you are born in a brothel, then the word choice is non-existent in your life. The man pushes her onto the bed and an epiphany strikes that this moment is the point of inflection in her life, that henceforth she will be scarred for life.

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