A bag full of faith

The day I was born, God handed me a bag full of faith, informing me that it is a life time’s stock. He told me that faith is a dear commodity, thus it calls for prudent investment.


Don’t deny there is something Godly about Dumbledore

This is what he said,

“Down on this planet, what you have is a faith stock exchange. Every being, living and non living has it’s shares quoted on this exchange, it is for you and your sense of judgment to invest faith in these shares. The role that every individual and object plays in your life will greatly influence the movement of their shares. Let me tell you, that these movements are highly complex, twisted than the financial markets. Perhaps, the fickleness of faith investment can be aptly reflected by the jitters the Indian economy will experience in the year 2013. And yes, if your investment is wise, or let’s say results in contentment, the amount you invest will replenish in this bag; if it is the contrary then the amount exhausts forever.”

The other day, I was reading Economic Times and that is when I recalled the parallel that God had drawn between India’s Macro Economic Scenario in 2013 and Faith Investment. So I thought, why not write a small piece on the same, recounting some of my observations and experiences.

  1. You invest a fist full of faith in person X, a dear friend who has been by your side in thick and thin. As you move to a newer terrain, you meet person Y, who you believe can be a good companion, so you invest half a fist in her as well. Once security Y features on your portfolio, X becomes suspicious, doubting that you have invested an equal or maybe higher sum in the venturesome Y. Clouded by skepticism, X refuses to perform up to it’s full potential. At first, X denies the misconception, laughs it off, calling the thought childish. Gradually, as the profits drop, X demands that you quote the the sum invested in Y, urges you to prepare a report ranking the investments, subtly hinting that you rank X over and above others subject to no change.
  2. Ms. Orange from Nagpur meets Ms. Apple from Kashmir in the University of California, they went on to become best friends. Trusted allies over the course of a year. After the fall break, when they return to the University, they realize they cannot be both on the same shelf of refrigerator as they had planned, in fact they both are sent to different refrigerators. Now, Ms. Apple, thinks that maybe Ms. Orange is behind this, maybe she never wanted to be on the same shelf. She tells Ms. Grapes, “That is why she always remained silent on the topic of choosing a shelf, said that she is indifferent; but after all how can one be indifferent, the cold waves from the top or the compressors on the left all determine your shelf life, the color and texture of your skin.” Poor Ms. Orange however has turned a shade darker in the agony the separation has caused her, unaware that the seed of doubt has not only been sown but has started germinating as well. At the end of the quarter she gets a letter from her broker, only then she realizes that her faith has sunk, that apple had in fact turned bitter and it was not her taste buds that did the undoing.
  3. In the summer of 2011, Mr. Advocate carefully read through the S&P’s publication, “100 mortals your Fingers Should not Fumble to Invest in”. On number 76, was Mr. Philanthropist. The report said that Mr. Philanthropist has consistently reaped lucrativel returns, our analysts believe that it can even goon to double the figures once it eradicates the sef doubt, realizes that there indeed is no strand of vile in him. The two of them have been friends for two years now, however, Mr. Advocate has observed that the returns have been slightly lower than the figures quoted by S&P. One night during a witty banter, under the impression of alcohol, Mr. Philanthropist revealed, “But of course, you are a lawyer, you see what prima facie evidence dictates. The day someone whispers a word or two about me in your ears, you might withdraw your investment and hence I pinch those profits likewise so that if you do withdraw, my market standing does not suffer badly.
  4. And finally, there are something called the neutral stocks, like God, Santa Claus, Supernatural beings, etc. You have to invest as little as a pinch of faith in them and they might bring that occasional smile on your face be it through the Christmas gifts, windfall gain or an upper hand in an argument.

4 thoughts on “A bag full of faith

  1. mahabore says:

    Wow, awesome analogies drawn between faith and financial stock market terms. Made so much sense, more so because I am a Commerce graduate myself, Nice nice post 😀

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