Who am I?

Daily Prompt: Secret of Success

What would it take for you to consider yourself a “successful blogger”? Is that something you strive for?


Aarav reaches out for his cup of coffee as he reads today’s Daily Prompt Challenge. Gazing at his laptop screen he ponders over the topic, wonders if he can call himself a successful blogger. If the 1248 followers, some 5000 likes and 2378 comments adorning his blog were to be taken account of, then indeed Aarav can be legitimately called a successful blogger. But deep down he knows these numbers are not a true reflection of his success. Licking the final remains of the froth from his coffee mug, he can feel the hunger pangs tightening in his stomach and he decides to think about the same while cooking.

Fourty years old, Aarav Seth is a software engineer in a multinational. Though concise in speech Aarav has always been a lovable boy for his peers, his seniors, his neighbors and his family. His mother’s only discontent being the void in his life when it comes to love. His blog, being one of his passions along with cooking and music. Everyday he sits down to write down his version of the Daily Prompt plus often he pens down fictional tales which have majorly been the reason for his popularity in the virtual world.

He pulls out a lustrous knife from the drawer and as he runs a finger along its body, Aarav recalls his fictional pieces are often called sharp. Meticulously, he slices onions, tomatoes and capsicums for his Indian(ized) Pasta Arabiatta. Another attribute of his tales, meticulously etched characters. He pours a generous helping of Olive Oil in the pan and puts garlic cloves in it. As the garlic sizzles slightly, a pungent smell gathers in his kitchen and he puts the vegetables in the pan, tossing it gently. Here again, he thinks, his astute sense of timing and the extent to which every twist is to be cooked on the flames of his imagination, is what helps him to deliver such sizzling reads. As he cooks his dinner, he reminisces the various adjectives his readers like to attach with his works, namely, ingenious, clever, cutting edge and well thought.

He empties the contents of the pan on a plate and returns to his laptop. As his tongue lets the spices sink in, Aarav smiles. And he smiles not because it is a well made dish but at the oblivion of his readers. None of whom have the slightest idea, that each one of his cutting-edge murder mysteries are actual accounts of the murders he has committed. The vividness in his stories is not a God gift, nor is it an asset earned over years, but can only be observed because he has slit throats as finely as he slices vegetables. Rarely, people realize that his mysteries are very similar to the killings in news. But he has always shrewdly replied that sometimes he takes real life incidents, spins a story around them and gives the killer a motive. Imagine, something so hollow satiates the inquisitive reader, lowers the raised eyebrows and obliterates the cynicism. Now you know, that it is not numbers and hearty feedback that quantify his success but his concealed identity. The adorable boy next door, whose cheeks old Aunties like to pull is the man behind many ruthless killings.

P.S. I could not think of anything for today’s prompt so I let my imagination run wild.


11 thoughts on “Who am I?

      • Siddharth Muzumdar says:

        Ah, good. I look forward to helping you out in any way I can, if you decide to venture on this path.
        I would love to read you…

      • Palak says:

        Oh I skipped a word in the previous comment. I meant, ‘I have never spared a serious thought..’
        But if I do write a novel, I know now that I am can send the manuscript to you for an honest opinion.

      • Siddharth Muzumdar says:

        Oh lol ok. I thought you were well on your way to achieving literary genius.
        Yes you very well can. It would be my privilege… 🙂
        Btw, just so that I can have mercy on my prehistoric laptop and dwindling WordPress traffic, would you mind if we shift this conversation to a different platform, such as Facebook?

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