To Humble Beginnings

Daily Prompt: Origin Story.

Why did you start your blog? Is that still why you blog, or has your site gone in a different direction than you’d planned?


Daily Prompt: Origin Story

What do you do, when you have this teeny-weeny iconoclastic streak within you, that is you have questions which you have resisted yourself from raising, sometimes because of social protocol or because parents aren’t really fond of unconventional kids, are they?

If you sit down and tell your` parents, ‘Listen, what is the rationale of getting married, leaving my family behind to embrace someone else’s?, they are going to think that their otherwise pragmatic daughter has perhaps gone nuts.

What do you do, when you are madly obsessed with anything fiction?

The days when you are devoutly following Dexter and Revenge and you jump off you couch cheering, ‘Go Amanda’ or ‘Yay Dexter’, people meet you with cold glances, doubting you for a sociopath in making.

And the time, when you fret over Peter’s arrest in White Collar, you don’t get a there-there, all you get in response is, ‘What baffles me is that even after all these years, you still can’t distinguish between fiction and reality.’

When you catch an early show of a movie, you don’t have anybody to discuss it with unless you want people to scream ‘Spoiler Alert’ when they see you.

The day when you google something and you do not get worthwhile results because no one on the world wide web shares the same sentiments about the thing as you do let alone consider it’s worth googling.

What I did was, one evening, I sat down in front of the computer and made a blog on WordPress to showcase my pursuits and experiences (as the header, the Gravatar profile, the About page and the links to blogging portals say).

So, did Expressions come into being so easily and promptly?  The answer is, no. I have thought about having a blog for four years now, but I never made one.

You see, I have never done anything extra ordinary as well as extra curricular in my life. What I have simply done, is cramming up textbooks, understanding concepts, putting them down on an answer sheet and scoring straight A’s. And what I suffer from, is the low esteem syndrome, something which makes me perfect to play the protagonist in a romantic comedy (Here, I just made a mental wink to God, that maybe it is time for you to take cue and throw a Dylan Singh Shekhawat at me). I always was too conscious to break a leg, too cacaphonic for being a nightingale and too fragile/delicate for sports. But I could always write reasonably well. Sadly, when I saw budding J.K. Rowlings around me, I wondered who would sit down and read the jibber-jabber of an amateur writer.

I am a very quiet person but a very observant girl. So over the years what I had become, was a cannon ball of information dying to explode. Blog seemed to be an apt platform for all the bottled up emotions and thoughts and thus on the evening of June 8th, 2013, I reflected over my long summer vacation to do list and point no.4 caught my eye, ‘Palak you  have to make a blog, you won’t score well in your exams if you postpone this any further’ and thus being the fearful person that I am, I created a blog.

What I did not foresee then, was that, writing a blog post is going to be the highlight of my day. I anxiously wait for the daily prompt everyday, work out a way to write down something worth reading, sometimes making use of the third person or sometimes poetically capturing the essence of the challenge. Expressions has reminded me of my love for writing and of course given me a talent to boast about in my curriculum vitae.

6 thoughts on “To Humble Beginnings

  1. Siddharth Muzumdar says:

    While I absolutely share the sentiment of low self esteem, I have found that the credentials of a blogger don’t quite work well on a CV. Sadly enough, writing isn’t celebrated in the professional world. 😦
    We do have a lot of similarities btw…

    • Palak says:

      On the contrary, I have witnessed a positive response about writing during recruitment. Besides I don’t have much of a choice about its inclusion. My other interests range from watching fiction to reading fiction.

      Anyway what similarites are you hinting at?

      • Siddharth Muzumdar says:

        Really? Good for you. I have tried citing my blog and employers have seemed the least concerned about it, primarily because they don’t find it relevant to the position perhaps. Sad but true… 😦

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