The Ticking Clock: Reversed

Daily Prompt: Fly on the Wall.

If you could be a “fly on the wall” anywhere and at any time in history, where and when would you choose?
If I were a smart fly (which, I know I will be), I would hop onto the back of Edmund Hilary or sneak into the shuttle of Neil Armstrong and etch my name in the history for being the first fly on moon or on Mount Everest.

To begin with, if I were a fly on the wall, I would like to go to Delhi University’s office and get a sneak peek of my marks this semester. The only solution to put my result nightmares to rest. Also, flying down to the research labs of various shampoos just to make sure whether they undertake intensive studies (as proclaimed in the advertisements) will feature on my to-do list because very often the ‘hair fall control’ seems like ‘hair fall trigger’ to me.

There are many places in history that I would like to visit. How about being there to witness Adolf Hitler’s formative years, what led him to commit the most heinous activities mankind has ever seen. Then I am slightly obsessed with the Mughal era in India and whether or not Akbar married a Rajput princess is a question which has been intriguing me for a while now; so what better alternative to quench the curiosity than to go and see for myself. And I want to witness the 2002 Gujarat violence because even though I was alive in 2002 but have no recollection of these riots. As people started pitching Narendra Modi as the face of development, the mention of these riots ran a buzz in the news, but it was only I saw this movie ‘Kai Po Che’ earlier this year, that I realized this event is like a missing piece in my mental chronicles.

Most importantly I want to go back in time and probe deep into the fact that why time machines remain a mystery for our scientific intelligentsia. Because I can list out thousands of places for all I want, but how will my aspiration come to fruition without a time machine.


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