Once perfect strangers, now perfect friends!

Daily Prompt: Flip Flop.

Think of a topic or issue about which you’ve switched your opinion. Why the change?

For the past three hours, Saumya and Vani have been sitting on the bed, chatting, laughing their hearts out and every now and then laying hands on the junk food placed in front of them. What started out as a random jabber about the previous day shifted to a discussion on Harvey’s swagger in the episode High Noon (Suits) and then to a article called lawless land in the weekly Mail Today ( based on a small area in Delhi which is surrounded by four police stations but doesn’t fall under the jurisdiction of any of them) and then to the restaurant Saumya visited with her father last week and eventually making them reminisce the time when they first met.

“We behaved like idiots, it was such a strained friendship.”, Saumya told Vani.

Vani interjected, “Or the lack of friendship in all. I didn’t think we would even consider each other acquaintances once we pass out of college.”

Precisely because each of them  let hearsay shape their perception of the other.  Vani believed that Saumya was a gossip monger who could sensationalize even the most mundane piece of information while Saumya took Vani to be one of those shallow hearts who befriend others for the benefits that would accrue to them. Often they engaged in mindless arguments- simply patronizing ideas that the other one was opposing. However the tables turned when Saumya lost her phone and Vani handed out a phone to her, demanding her to keep it without any further ado. And that got Saumya to thinking, if Vani is actually the person she pegged her to be and then resolved to behave herself with Vani. The resolution transformed into fledgling kinship on the onset of the their Semester Examinations. Ironically, while most friendships break during exams/results, their flourished.

“The teacher within me, found a perfect protege in you.”, Saumya explained.

“And I was glad to see that I am not going to slog alone a night before the exam. The more, the merrier.”, Vani said, winking at her and scrambling the pack of chips for one.

A month long hiatus owing to the winter break and no word from each other, but who knew they are going to find a valuable friend in each other, one complementing the other. College began and their small talks transformed into long conversations; realizations coming forth about their love for military movies, mutual fondness of Ryan Reynolds,congenital feminism, their similar political/religious inclinations and the woes of a North Indian family. If Saumya acquainted her with the world of footwear- gladiators, ballerinas, wedge sandals, peep toes, stilettos, etc., Vani gave her insights into on working out a ‘jugaad’ (innovative quick fix). On the day of a crucial cricket match, Vani a cricket aficionado would walk around reciting second to second statistics to Saumya who can’t tell a bat from a wicket. And on some days, Saumya would sit back blabbering about every single soap opera on television in front of Vani, who would come up with responses like, “Oh, is that even a show?”.

“Not to forget, the ‘methi ka paranthas’ and ‘dal makhni’ cooked by your mom played a pivotal role in strengthening our bond.”, Vani pointed out to Saumya

“Of course they had to, because I wanted to befriend a connoisseur of North Indian food.”, Saumya replied wittily.

For a long tome now, there is not a day when they do not talk to each other. Be it the trepids that law textbooks give Saumya or the agony that their department’s Dolores Umbridge causes Vani, they have both received ready shoulders and open ears from the other one. Not one Suits episode that they have not dissected  and not a single opportunity missed to pull each other’s leg- Vani imitating Saumya’s expressions for her family, over lunch and Saumya enlightening Vani’s family about her enraged fits.

People who initially did not figure in each other’s lives now feature on each other’s speed dials. Imagine the tragedy, if Saumya would have never lost her phone, they would have missed out on a friendship, that they now cherish so deeply.


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