Will Batman and Robin endure the testing times? (Suits season premiere)

Once upon a time, Harvey was superman, but now he is batman. And this transition precisely happened when he found himself a Robin in the form of Mike. A naive yet equally cocky ally who could process stack loads of data in a jiffy and at the same pace could engage in quote for quote with him. Sadly the bromance turned bitter when Jessica blackmailed extorted him to go behind Harvey’s back. And from yesterday’s season premiere, what one can easily infer is that Harvey has taken the blow to his heart this time and is far from calling it a truce.

Here’s a quick recap

Pearson Hardman is Pearson Darby now and with a 51% stake, Darby is the one who calls the shots. Sour with his defeat, Harvey does what he does best, bluffs and settles a suit for the thrice the money. Jessica suspects him of quitting soon and her distrust in him, propels him to do just the same. He enters into an arrangement with Darby that if he wins the newly assigned Ava Hessington suit then the non compete agreement be held void and he gets to walk out of the firm as a free man, which he later alters on being reminded that he never runs from a fight. All the while, our rookie Mike is trying to make it up to Harvey but sadly his efforts turn futile. Mike finally tells Rachel everything from scratch, about how he made it to Pearson Hardman and by the looks of it, they are a couple now. Also Mike finds a new friend in Benjamin ( the IT guy who was outsmarted my Mike’s eidetic memory).

From the premiere it is evident that this is going to be nothing short of an explosive season. If they are talking power struggles and transitions in the premiere, then there are major changes in store. But what I sorely miss is the humor- the conversations laced with ‘easy hotshot’, ‘beiber fever’, its okay to gloat but you don’t have to suck at it’, the puppy terminology’. Suits without Harvey and Mike poking fun at each other is hard for me to digest so they better get back together soon.


  • Jessica who once valued the best closer in the city for his shrewdness, meticulously demarcated for him the difference between leverage and bluff.
  • For someone who has spent five years of their life for getting a golden ticket to Harvard and eventually work as a lawyer in Pearson Hardman, Rachel glibly suggests Mike to quit. Honestly Miss-I-Don’t-Want-to-Go-To-Any-Law-School-But-Harvard-Law, that was pretty vicious.


  • Louis troubled with his Uniball (pens) replaced by cheap plastic ones is assuaged by a Donna who fools him into making an ink mustache on his face,
  • Louis and Nigel struggle over the Raspberry Granola Bars and the Uniball pens. Louis who manages to replace Nigel as the quartermaster is swept off his feet when he realizes that it was all a ploy, and Nigel is now the new ringmaster of the associates.


  • Donna points out to Mike that the only way to call it quits with Harvey is to hop onto a time machine and undo what he did.
  • Mike points out to Jessica that the letter she typed out for the D.A. to expose Mike had her computer’s digital signature on it and if she ever intends on sending it then they are both sailing in the same boat.
  • Harvey and Mike’s confrontation. “Anyone comes to you with any threat at all, you come to me. That is goddamn loyalty.”
  • Harvey’s decision to alter the arrangement and instead of quitting the firm, taking down Jessica.

What am I looking forward to?

  • The day Batman gets a whiff of Robin’s generous bedside manners and tactless talking with Miss goody two shoes, he will be in for a hard time.
  • Harvey working his way up to Specter Darby or Darby Specter.
  • Louis and Nigel have got a real good equation out there and I can foresee wittier banters among the two of them
  • Rachel and Mike’s relation oscillating between his naivete and her self importance.

Rooting for Harvey and Mike together.


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