The Mighty Mighty Brain!

Daily Prompt: Barter System.

One look at today’s prompt and instantly I am reminded of my 10th standard Economics textbook where an entire page was devoted to the topic how Barter System was eventually substituted by the Monetary Exchange System. Alas, textbooks never again were that simple or sleek.

Coming to the point now, I have a few skills under my sleeve that can help me  to fend for myself in a Barter System. Firstly I am excellent in Accountancy so I can possibly offer Book Keeping as a service. Next I can teach well and any society is in perpetual need of teachers regardless of the system of exchange. And lastly I am a pretty amazing counselor or a peacemaker. Depression, distress, envy or animosity are as imminent truths of life as birth and death, thus as far as I can see counselors will never run out of demand. Though pretty soon I am might end up in a counselor’s office, one of my previous posts pretty much vouches for that.

Think of it, three skills and one would conclude that I am going to be a success story in a barter system. Unfortunately that is far from the truth and I am going to tell you how that will happen. I will sit down and THINK. You know there are people in life who day dream- imagine being immensely successful even before they take the first step towards embarking on a new venture and then there am I who worries that eggs will break even when they have hatched.

Just when I am all prepped up to be a Book Keeper, my highly opinionated brain has something to say.

“Book keeping, undoubtedly you are quick and proficient, but how far can it take you. A cobbler will never draw up accounts or what entry are you going to pass in your chef’s book

‘ Book Keeper’s A/C      Dr.

To Honey Chilly Potato A/c’

That profession is going to be lame, don’t you think so?”

A little disheartened initially, I will decide upon teaching. What are the odds that teaching can go wrong? And then I will spend the next two hours perhaps gushing about how I have always enjoyed teaching and I could have never chosen a better service to offer.

My brain, having a little difficulty in taking in all the exuberance, will then pass a verdict on teaching also.

“Teaching huh! You think there are no teachers out there;  besides haven’t you heard of XYZ. Nobody can match his/her dexterity in teaching so before you go overboard with your teaching plan its time to face the reality- you are an Amateur- and its time to dig up another skill.”

Not with much left on my hand, I will then resolve to become a Counselor. But then again my brain can’t shut up.

“Counseling, Ha ha.. For someone who spends half their time excessively worrying about the smallest of problems and the rest counting the hair that fell off or the pounds gained owing to the stress aren’t you being too naive in pegging yourself a counselor. ”

And finally with nothing to offer, I will spend my entire life wondering, why was I not blessed with a better talent. Excellent craftsmanship, prolific writing skills or a melodious voice- any one of these and I would not have spent a troublesome second pondering about survival in the barter system.

You see, that is the power of Brain. No matter how skilled you are, you are going to land nowhere if your brain has nothing better to do but deter you.


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