The good, the bad, the ugly- Decoded

Daily Prompt: Mirror, Mirror.

Mirror of Erised shows one, a reflection of their deepest desires. In the muggle world, a mirror may not reflect our innermost desires yet it reflects our innermost emotions. Haven’t you wondered that it is the same face and still on some days it is pretty and on others ugly, one day the reflection exudes charm and on  the next you are nothing else but gauche. Our disposition influences the image standing right in front of us. Take for instance the contentment of finishing a rigorous half an hour workout makes you believe that those love handles and saddlebags have started vanishing and the moment you indulge yourself in chocolate cookies your guilt induces you to see an image of adipose bulging on those legs. The volatility of our emotions introduces us to the different ‘us’- self obsessed, kind, shallow, popular, witty, sarcastic, egoist, altruist, etc and each facet has a shelf life no longer than the transient emotion persists within us.

And sometimes we see what others want us to see. The day your relatives tell you that you are a spitting image of your mother, you can’t help but notice the resemblance while you are looking in the mirror. The day a friend compliments your hair, instantaneously they transform from a wobbly-bushy mass fixated on your skull to lustrous locks. Hence, we are all slaves of our mind.

When I look in the mirror, I see the frame of my mind staring back at me.


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