Lootera-The fault in their Stars

Lootera: 3.5/5

Lootera is an age-old story that has been time and again depicted on the silver screen, however what makes it stand out is the sheer brilliance with which it is executed. Pakhi (Sonakshi Sinha), a Zamindar’s daughter finds herself instantly drawn towards Varun (Ranveer Singh),a man she hits while driving. To her surprise, Varun turns out to be an archaeologist hoping to discover a civilization and seeks her father’s assent to carry out excavation on his property. Over dinner, he sways her father with his knowledge in arts and literature and not only gains his assent but manages to become their house guest as well. What follows is a dainty love story set against the exquisite Roychowdhury Haveli and the picturesque landscapes of West Bengal. As the couple stands on the precipice of getting engaged, the looming question is whether Varun is actually the person that Pakhi fell for and if their love is strong enough to endure the contrasting idiosyncrasies of their worlds?

There is not one character whose portrayal is flawed. Both Ranveer and Sonakshi deliver the best performances of their careers as two individuals belonging to different worlds, both equally stubborn yet passionately in love with each other. Sonakshi who has spent a good part of her career playing Dabangg’s beau, actually takes the viewer by surprise with her splendid characterization of Pakhi. Adil Hussain does an excellent job as Pakhi’s protective father and a Zamindar who believes he is the wronged one-in the face of Government’s anti feudal policies. Vikrant Massey is adorable as Ranvir’s witty friend and devout fan of Dev Anand.
Amit Trivedi’s mellifluous music is spell binding and aptly complements the story line. Vikramaditya Motwane does not disappoint after Udaan but yes Lootera could have been pitch perfect had the story been a little less predictable and slow.

Watch Lootera for it will embark you on a poetic and mesmerizing journey into the by lanes of love.


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