Looking for a PG accommodation in National Park- Here’s some help!

It’s the season of Delhi University admissions skyrocketing cutoffs and disappointments a notch up.  For those who live outside Delhi/ NCR your D.U. dream doesn’t come to fruition only by securing a seat, you have a bigger question looming in front of you that is to find a place to live in. Not everybody has cooperative local guardians; hostels have few seats plus the hostel list comes out quite some time after admissions and then there are those of us who like a tad bit of luxury. So being a paying guest is the only respite but the PG hunt might leave you boggled midst sugar-coated landlords who are more than willing to welcome you in their foster families and their smiles that widen with every second.

Here’s a little piece of information about some P.G. accommodations in National Park, Lajpat Nagar 4 (the popular housing hub of South Campus girls). Before you get acquainted with the houses, you should bear in mind that no P.G. is going to be perfect-it  is a choice that you make between what you are willing to forego and what not. No house is absolutely true to those pamphlets the landlords publish or the hearsay that brings you to these houses.

Basic Amenities Provided in most of the Houses

  • WiFi connectivity
  • Laundry (additional monthly charges Rs. 200)
  • 24 hour water supply
  • Geysers, Microwaves, Television in the Common Room
  • A full time Maid
  • 3 meals plus ane cup of milk daily

House No. 63: Sehghal’s

I wish things/amenities/solutions were as promptly made available to you as quickly Mr. Sehghal promised them to you.

The most appealing aspect of this house is its spacious rooms and cleanliness. The maid Julie is cooperative and not among the provocative ones that you can easily find in National Park houses. The landlord doesn’t visit often or bother you much except for those occasional 7:30 p.m. meetings.  The food is okayish, can be bland on some days and can vanish as quickly as it came because of the scarcity in which it was served.

Kitchen is off limits, even for late night Maggi binges.The grievance redressal mechanism is as bureaucratic as in a Government office. Equipment once broken down take their due course in getting repaired. If you demand an elitist commodity then he might not hesitate in cooking up a story to pacify you like, ‘mushrooms can cause a lethal brain disease’.

House No 21. 83 and the one opposite Sehghal’s: Pasricha

Fondly called Sardarji ka P.G., Pasricha’s is the ‘It’ place among P.G.s in National Park. From what little information I have on my hand about this P.G. I can tell you that Mr Pasricha serves the best food in National Park: 3 meals, an evening snack, lime water, desserts twice a week and daily cup of milk. Parents will be pleased to know that he keeps the P.G. under constant scrutiny; the in-time is 8 p.m.and if you intend to stay outside a little longer you have to call him up and inform him.  Plus he visits the house every night to make sure every girl is tucked in safely in her room and everything under control.

A big bummer is that if you want to be in Pasricha’s and you are from L.S.R. then you have to give 3 months’ rent as security plus 3 months’ rent in advance which might burn a huge hole in your dad’s pocket. Secondly once you get in, a few hidden expenses crop up like police verification fees, etc. Another rumor is that you have to pay electricity bill at a rate higher than the prescribed rate per unit. And there are constant complaints about WiFi- mostly it doesn’t function and when it does it’s a little slow. Also Mr Pasricha has an awry sense of humor.

House No. 99 and 15: Mehta’s

This is one of those easygoing accommodations in National Park where you can get in and go out of the P.G. anytime you like, that is no supervision. It is an economical P.G. as compared to others in this locality because there is no WiFi connectivity. Plus you can easily get a bed here when the vacancies in all the P.G.s are done with.  The P.G. scores badly on the cleanliness aspect-unclean dishes, dirty soiled washroom, cockroaches at large in kitchens. Plus there is a lazy maid who thinks her time is well spent in being a couch potato.

This is an incident which happened last year with my friend.

A glass ventilator fell on my friend’s bed and the landlord did not even heed to turn up and check if everything is fine. Next morning when her parents called him up the only words that he could offer were, “good thing is your daughter is fine so we shall let bygones be bygones”. So you have to bear in mind that ‘the No Supervision policy’ has two facets. It might  be easy for you to sneak in and out but then you will have no one to turn to in the face of a problem.

House No. 70: Juneja’s

This is another one of those houses where you can easily find a bed when rests of the houses have none. Juneja’s run P.G. accommodations in two other houses though I don’t remember the house numbers. Juneja’s is a rare P.G. where you will always find food in abundance though it may not always be a delight for your taste buds. If you get one of the terrace rooms you get a television plus refrigerator for fairly the same rent- ain’t a bad barter in lieu of 10-12 additional stairs. Though the terrace rooms can be quite a pain in extreme weather. The maids are pretty decent who don’t steal or nag; and are not hesitant to cook paranthas or give that much-needed tadka to the sabzi. As of now you get 300/200 electricity units free of charge on you air conditioner but it is abuzz that this might be discontinued from this session on.

Some of the two-seaters remind you of ‘Cupboard under the Stairs’ from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Secondly the rooms aren’t cleaned/moped everyday and it is not difficult to spot cobwebs in your room.  The inverters never work. And occasionally some of the girls might get a midnight craving to go  up on the terrace, get drunk and sing all the latest chart busters at their loudest pitch. From what I have heard I want you to know that the WiFi may no longer be provided in the coming session because the landlady has alleged that people have been purchasing smart bytes once the data exhausts and she has had to pay whooping phone bills of 7000-10000.

So without the free units and WiFi a monthly rent of 11000-13000 is a bit too much to ask.

Remember this is solely based on my experience and it might be different from several others’. Also the information above is for helping many D.U. aspirants to make an informed choice and not to demean anybody.

As I bid adieu, Happy P.G. hunting to you and feel free to leave any feedback/queries in the comments.


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  1. all the p.g onwers says:

    i think this blog is hilarious and please delete it asap or this will force us to take legal action. kindly do it in a week

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