Raanjhanaa- The strange things that love makes you do!

Raanjhana- 3.5/5

A year and a half ago my friend made me hear this song called ‘Kolaveri Di’ and I just couldn’t understand what was she gushing all about. Then she showed me the video on youtube and all I remember is hitting the replay button over and over again. That was my first rendezvous with Dhanush’s charm.

Raanjhanaa is a tale of a boy, Kundan (Dhanush) from Banaras who falls head over heels in love with Muslim girl, Zoya (Sonam Kapoor) as a child. After 16 slaps, a half kiss and wrist slashing sequence Kundan finally manages to woo Zoya. But once the clandestine affair comes to the knowledge of Zoya’s parents she is sent off to Aligarh at her aunt’s place to finish her schooling. Eight years on, Kundan becomes the blue-eyed neighbor for Zoya’s parents who unflinchingly does odd jobs for them ranging from plumbing to managing a marquee. Sadly Zoya has entirely forgotten the teenage affair so much so that she can’t even recognize Kundan. But Kundan is undeterred and once again embarks on a journey to woo her until she confesses that she has already fallen for the student council President of Jawarlal Nehru University (Abhay Deol). A heartbroken Kundan arranges her marriage as well as fixes his own with his childhood friend Bindiya.

Ranjhanaa does not end here. Kundan and Zoya’s fate makes them traverse a long journey across places that the viewer least expects.

As I pointed out earlier, Dhanush is an instant charmer and if that was his impact in a three minute video then how can he not sway you in a two and a half hour movie. I think Zoya is the most complex character Sonam has ever played. She has a multi-faceted personality, the girl next door with mesmerizing beauty, envious, manipulative in the manner she gets things done through Kundan and the girl who is madly in love. Sadly though Sonam Kapoor can doll up pretty well for the camera yet she cannot act. You find her either laughing most of the time or screaming at the topmost pitch. Abhay Deol or rather the fellow who never disappoints, gets deep into the skin of his character, the headstrong and witty youngster who is eyeing a spot for himself on 9, Racecourse Road. Finally Swara Bhaskar and Mohammad Zeeshan Ayub have done an exceedingly well job in playing Dhanush’s childhood friends.The uninterrupted humor in the first half is mostly because of the trio’s tongue in cheek dialogues.

Watch Raanjhanaa for Dhanush, the guy with the unconventional looks but with tremendous acting caliber and who has undoubtedly bagged himself a Filmfare for his performance in this movie.

In one of the scenes in the movie, Zeeshan tells Dhanush, “Pyar na ho gaya UPSC ka exam ho gaya jo dus saal se clear hi nahi hua.”    (Your love is more like a civil services exam that you haven’t managed to crack in 10 years). On a bidding note all I can say is in spite of Kundan’s ten years of relentless pursuit  all that he manages to get in the end might leave you a little shaken.



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