Daily Prompt: Shape Up or Ship Out- I can no longer be a fire extinguisher

Dearest Peacemaker (within me)

Do you know how excruciatingly stressful it is to be Peacemaker? Jumping into someone else’s  argument, lending them a shoulder to cry on, offering an open ear to listen to them yakking about their troubles and finally setting every single neuron of your brain into motion to come up with a solution to help them.

And you my friend are the one attribute that I had to be born with as if being  lazy, careless, insensitive or any other trivial attribute would have shrunk my life to a meaningless existence. Whenever I sense an altercation around me, you seize control over my mind, make me suspend all the ongoing activities and completely defy this thought constantly looming in a corner of my brain, ‘for once just let it go’.
You make me feel like I am this human fire extinguisher who cannot resist but quench any and every fire – a bleak spark to a catastrophic one but nevertheless I end up being the must foolish person altogether.

As a bidding souvenir I would like to leave you with this poem that will help you understand my plight better.

Oh dear peacemaker

Why do you have to be such a hell breaker?

No matter how often and tightly I screw every brain chip

I end up appeasing the clefts in others’ relationship.

When they decide to call it a truce,

The allegations turn evanescent, which were once hard to excuse.

They say it was all in good humor

And I was foolishly the weeper-worrier.

So I think its time for us to part ways

Because even I deserve a few peaceful days.

P.S. As you can see I am not very adept at poetry but a friend once told me that the trick lies in keeping the rhyme scheme consistent and so I have managed to keep.

Love Palak

Daily Prompt: Shape Up or Ship Out.



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