Akbar- He Whose Second Name is Terror

Killing History Softly

The title comes from the teaser of the Ekta Kapoor’s to be launched show Jodha Akbar. Ekta Kapoor has undoubtedly been my least favorite person on television. With her unimaginative plots it is indeed boggling that she has manged to be around in the TV industry for such a long time. With Jodha Akbar she is venturing into an entirely alien territory of period dramas.Inadequate background on historic figures endow the creator of a period drama with a certain flexibility to mold the characters. However creative liberty is one thing and making Akbar sound like Aurangzeb is another. She has let her imagination run out of bounds and etched out a character which is in stark contrast to the most popular Mughal Emperor, Akbar. She has reduced the stature of Akbar to a self indulgent loathsome king who wants to establish a proprietary right on Jodha.

The fact of the matter is that the plot has clear resemblance to the story lines of her previously successful shows like Kasamh Se, Parichay, Kasauti Zindagi Ki where a mean/snobbish fellow marries a coy girl, though they live like two strangers under the same roof yet destiny forces them to walk on intermittent paths and voila love happens. But then comes along a villain who draws the lovers apart, eventually one of them ends up in a prison and a midst  the looming despair and long drawn misunderstandings the female protagonist gives birth to a child and somehow ends up in a totally different part of the globe.

While there is a lot of buzz about this show’s extravagance I am quite sure that it is no different from the rest of her shows and the show will go off air within a short span just like one of Ekta’s former ambitious project, Mahabharat.

On a final note brace yourself to witness the killing of history softly next Monday only on Zee TV.


6 thoughts on “Akbar- He Whose Second Name is Terror

  1. Sanju says:

    Ekta kapoor has invited trouble for her TV career by venturing into Jodha Akbar serial. She is doing nothing but making mockery of our great king Akbar…

  2. Ahmad says:

    Not just Akbar, its become a fashion to show all muslims in a bad light. Just notice, not even one muslim character is shown as a righteous person whereas all Rajputs, good or bad are accompanied with a favourable background score and smiling faces. Akbar, with a dark lining around the eyes and a constant anger on the temple is not just villainous but the guy who is playing the character doesn’t have the diction to even spell out the basic Urdu dialogues. They spend so much of money and they don’t even think of spending some money to get the language and he diction right. This not only shows that the creators don’t bother or don’t know, but also reflects that the viewers don’t know what is right for them. Pity is the word!

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