Connected Hum Tum- PhD in Female Psyche

downloadThe newest show on Zee Tv explores the lives of six ordinary women, each of these women record their most intimate moments and feelings through a camera. The first one is struggling with the transitions in her marriage- her husband shying away from family responsibilities and losing interest in family. The second one once divorced and now standing at the precipice at a second marriage but the twist in tale is that it’s a real life ‘saas bina sasural’ for her. The third one is a struggling actor in Bollywood who is trying to find her own space in the hustle-bustle of Mumbai. But having gone against her parents’ will it becomes more imperative for her to prove her mettle. The fourth one is a twin and LGBT activist. The fifth one a theater artist is a two-time divorcee and has finally found peace with her life. But to her surprise her first husband is trying to come back into her life. The sixth one is in search of her knight in shining armor but is still unsure whether or not marriage is her cup of tea.

The uniqueness of the show lies in its freshness and in the ease with which a viewer can relate to the stories of these women. The show easily manages to strike a chord with an ordinary viewer because of the pervasiveness of the matters depicted on it. How often do we find ourselves in a tiff with our parents about our unconventional career choices or it is not uncommon for couples to come face to face with the evanescent charm of marriage. Ahay Deol does a reasonable job as the baffled host who is attempting to obtain gainful insights into the intriguing female brain.

However people resort to television in order to get a break from their daily lives so I am unsure if viewers will be willing to engage in the lives of these ordinary women. Also the show lacks the requisite sheen to stand out from the lot and in the debut week  a few women have been given more screen space as compared to the rest.

What is more interesting than the premise of the show is whether or not the show will manage to get viewership. An audience which is used to seeing women perpetually willing to compromise and putting everyone else’s interest over theirs will face a tough time watching two women who have walked out of their marriages, one involved in a homosexual relationship and another exhibiting clear disdain with the way her marital life is shaping up.

I don’t know whether or not it is your PhD  in female psyche but undoubtedly it is worth a watch.


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